The Shrew, Maiden of Disputes, Mistress of Heat, The Furious Inferno, The Raging Volcano
Lesser Power of the Elemental Plane of Fire

Portfolio: Fire, volcanos, wrath, anger, quarrels
Aliases: None
Symbol: Brass relief of a woman’s face with multi-colored fiery hair & ruby eyes, A volcano
Alignment: Neutral (NG)
Domain Name: The Elemental Plane of Fire/The Hearth
Domains: Competition* (CD), Destruction, Fire, War.
Core Worshippers: Humans
Worshipers’ Alignment: Neutral (NG)
Superior: None
Allies: Kurell, Pelor, Sunnis, Zaaman Rul
Foes: Beltar, Erythnul, Imix, Ogremoch, Procan, Pyremius
Favored Weapon(s): Quarterstaff

Description: Joramy (JOR-um-ee) is a hot-temprered but generally good-natured goddess. Shown as a nondescript woman with fiery hair and one fist raised, Joramy argues for the sake of arguing, and uses emotional arguments when rational ones fail. She is on good terms with nonevil gods who enjoy their aggressive side, but disdains emotionally distant beings such as Delleb, Rao, and her estranged lover Zodal. Her holy symbol is a volcano. “The dance of a flame and the twisting patterns of molten rock are the most beautiful sights in the world, representing fire’s argument with earth. Let your passions burn as hot as these things, and never back down when you have the opportunity to convert someone to your perspective. Ideal and opinions are what forms and shapes a person, and not defending with all your effort what you hold in your heart to be the truth is a betrayal to yourself and your ideals. Any rival opinion is a challenge – answer with the same fervor that you would a physical threat.” Clerics of Joramy make good political leaders and revolutionaries. They are willing to defend their ideals to the death and have a gift for inspiring others to do the same. Many work as diplomats for small but aggressive nations, where their tendency to escalate talks into heated arguments makes their parent nation appear stronger than it is. They go adventuring to find new people to argue with and new causes to champion.

Joramy (JUR-ah-mee) is the goddess of fire, volcanos, wrath, anger and quarrels. Her holy symbol is a brass relief of a woman’s face with multi-colored fiery hair and ruby eyes. She is primarily worshipped by fire elementalists and sages interested in interplanar affairs.

Joramy’s clericy has seen a recent surge in followers as her worship expands out of the volcanic regions. These new followers are attracted to the anger and wrath aspects of Joramy’s power because of the recent wars. Many people were displaced from their homes, had a personal loss of family or friends, and hold a great enmity towards those creatures that brought this time of despair upon them. These people want to regain what they lost or make the people that caused their suffering pay. Joramy’s followers offer a way to accomplish what these people desire and set a good example based on what Joramy is like.

Joramy is an extremely passionate goddess. She takes her beliefs very seriously, is quick to anger and will not give up easily. She doesn’t believe in holding back her emotions or using diplomacy as a tool to accomplish her goals. She has an explosive temper and will push her point (either through combat, magic or a heated debate) until she is satisfied with the outcome. And woe be the creature that crosses her in some way as to give offense, because she will not rest until satisfaction has been achieved. She is relentless in the pursuit of her sense of “right and wrong” and doesn’t care who gets in the way. She uses these qualities and directs them in a way to do the most good and strike a blow against those that would wish to harm her or her followers. She has offered Prince Zaaman Rul sanctuary in her realm while he recuperates from his terrible defeat against Imix. She also openly helps Princess Sunnis conspire against the evil tyrant Ogremoch of the Elemental Plane of Earth. Both these evil powers have angered Joramy in the past and she will see them pay for this.

Joramy’s home rests on the cusp of the boundary between the Elemental Plane of Fire and the Para-Elemental Plane of Magma, where she has been seeking additional. On the Elemental Plane of Fire, Joramy has a passing relationship with Kossuth, Tyrant-King of the fire elementals. They both leave the other alone. She considers the efreet to be the greatest threat next to Imix on the Elemental Plane of Fire because of their evil attitudes and actions. Her followers keep close tabs on these evil genies and their vile City of Brass. From here the efreet, under the leadership of the Grand Sultan, enslave anyone that comes within their long grasp, even followers of Joramy. Many a poor efreet has suffered for such an outrage. Both parties keep a close eye on the other but hostilities have yet to grow in size. This could easily change if Joramy takes offense to anything the efreet do in the future.

On the Para-Elemental Plane of Magma, Joramy seeks to expand her worship. Her only rival for power is the supposed “Master of the Lava Mephits”, Chilimbra. This evil tyrant cannot hold a candle to Joramy and many lava mephits and magmen are taking to worship Joramy. This conversion is drawing the attention of many other deities in the Inner Planes and could bring about a conflict at some future point.

Joramy also has some longstanding enmities with a few other deities not found on the Inner Planes. Her greatest enmity is with Pyremius, the Suel power of murder and fire, who stole his fire aspect from Joramy’s ally Ranet after weakening her with poison. Pyremius has corrupted Ranet’s life-giving power and uses it to further the cause of murder and mayhem through arson and pyromania. Pyremius has also taken to sending omens and messages to followers of Joramy, enticing them to do his dirty work in Joramy’s name. Erythnul started a conflict with Joramy because of his envy and hatred over Joramy’s beauty and power. Erythnul has repeatedly tried to thwart Joramy’s plans for expansion by setting about schemes to endanger her followers and mar her name. This has brought Joramy’s wrath and anger into the situation, and she will not rest until Erythnul has paid for his interference. Beltar requires the sacrifices of numerous creatures. Since Joramy’s followers live in some of the areas where Beltar’s priests are, these unfortunate people have found their way onto to the sacrificial block. Joramy is extremely angry about this practice and seeks to bring the loss of her follower’s lives as sacrifices to an end. These situations are ready to turn into all out wars with these clerics, and priests from either side will attack the other upon sight.

Joramy has few allies among the native Powers of Oerth. Because of the situations Joramy has with Pyremius, Erythnul & Beltar, Kurell keeps himself on Joramy’s good side out of fear of her wrath and nothing else. He is biding his time to extract revenge for some personal slight he feels was made against him. Pelor, however, respects Joramy’s wrath and ability to wield a strong source of heat and light to burn the forces of evil and drive out the darkness. He will sometimes aid Joramy in a cause directly related to Oerth, particularly one that will see an end to some great evil or darkness.

Joramy has a long and storied past. Some of the earliest legends about her are nearly two thousand years old, and concern her role in creating an artifact known as Queen Ehlissa’s Marvelous Nightingale. This item is partially named after the most notorious owner of the item, Queen Ehlissa, who ruled with an iron fist for many centuries with the help of this item. Its powers are a direct link to the numerous aspects of Joramy and reflect this in its functions. The artifact has been lost for many centuries and would be a prize that any follower of Joramy would gladly kill for.

In the past, the strength of Joramy’s worship has fluctuated greatly. At one time she was the most prominent deity worshiped in the Hellfurnaces and the surrounding area until the Rain of Colorless Fire (which she unjustly took some of the blame for because of her fire aspect). When the migrating Suel passed through Slerotin’s tunnel, they caused much destruction in the underground areas of the Hellfurnaces and many followers were killed or forced to serve new deities. Since that time her influence in the Flanees has been slowly re-growing until recently.

Joramy’s Realm, known as The Hearth, can be found on the Elemental Plane of Fire at the border of Fire and the Para-Elemental Plane of Magma. Because of Joramy’s interest in the Para-Elemental Plane of Magma, her realm can exist in both Planes at once, if she so desires it to. The Hearth’s primary feature is a volcano of such enormity that no other can rival it anywhere in the Multiverse. It is long rumored that this is the birthplace of all Magma and that portals exist deep within this realm that feed all volcanos around the Prime Material Plane and its many crystal spheres. Lava is constantly flowing from the volcano’s center and its uncountable vents. The smell of sulfur is so pervasive in this realm that everyone must make a save vs. death magic every turn or pass out from the overwhelming stench. The petitioners that reside here are always in a constant state of anger and will take it out on the first creature they encounter that gives them offense. This could either be a rather harsh tongue lashing or an all out fight. This realm is truly one of the many wonders of Elemental Fire and Magma at its grandest.

Joramy’s Avatar (Priest 25, Fighter 18)
Joramy appears as a beautiful human woman cloaked in a robe made of lava that swirls with the randomness of the tides of magma. Her hair is wisps of multi-colored fire (the colors depending on the intensity of the flame) that dance around her perfectly formed powder white face. Her fiery red ruby eyes glisten from the heat and flames that surround her. When she speaks, a deep booming voice erupts from her that sends shock waves to all those around her.

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