Idee Volunteers of Naerie

Prince Xavener was proclaimed the first Overking of the United Kingdom. From this point, the County of Idee ceased to exist, becoming instead the Principality of Naerie, a province of the United Kingdom of Ahlissa. Of course, some Ideeans never greeted the Ahlissan troops as liberators. A group calling themselves the “Idee Volunteers” staged attacks against the troops. These attacks posed little military threat to the Ahlissan forces and didn’t increase the popularity of the Volunteers among the common people either. Most people were happy to see the Brotherhood gone and to continue their lives under Ahlissan rule.

Established by Staceus of Felten, they became an active force in Naerie politics in 589 CY. Their goal is to remove Ahlissan presence from Idee with any means necessary, and subsequently they aim for a rebirth of the independent County of Idee and of the Iron League. After a successful start they suffered several setbacks such as the death of Staceus at the battle of the Hollow Highlands in late 592 CY, along with large numbers of Volunteers and the loss of support by Sunndi & Onnwal after the signing of the Naerie Compact. Their current strength and leadership are unknown.

House Eddri has officially severed all ties to them, but many suspect they retain contacts unofficially. People’s attitudes towards the Idee Volunteers range from hostile to supportive. Several smugglers and Sunndians are in league with them, and even some members of the Ahlissan military (those of Ideean descent) are suspected of helping them.

Though belonging to the Idee Volunteers is considered treason under Ahlissan law, Prince Barzhaan has instructed his courts to give them prison or labor sentences instead of death, as the last thing he wants is martyrs. Only leaders tend to receive death sentences, and these are carried out efficiently and away from the public eye to avoid that.

Their current strength is unknown, though it appears that after few years of re-building their strength, they are prepared for a return. Rumors also indicate that they have acquired a new leader. But who he or she is, is yet unknown.

Blazon: As expected, the symbol of the Idee Volunteers is the old coat of arms of Idee: Per paly-chevron, or in dexter, vert in sinister, barry wavy argent and azure in base, three ships sable, a fret sable in chief.

Principality of Naerie

Idee Volunteers of Naerie

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