Greater Power of the Olympian Glades of Arborea

Symbol: A garland of flowers
Home Plane: Arborea (Florallium)
Alignment: Neutral good
Portfolio: Love, Mercy, Beauty
Superior: Annam
Core Worshipers: Giants
Worshipers: Good Giants
Cleric Alignments: NG, LG, CG
Domains: Community* (CD), Good, Healing, Strength, Sun.
Favored Weapon: +1 improved unarmed strike, defending

Description: Iallanis appears as a graceful giant, 25’ in height with fair skin. She wears a short green dress from which grows living flowers. She is always bare-legged and bare-footed.

Dogma: Mercy is to be honored above all else, save the gods themselves. Beauty is to be honored above all else save the gods and mercy. Punishment will naturally come to those who do evil and rewards will naturally come to those who do good. “Kindness is the milk of might; passion is the milk of life.”

Relationships: Iallanis is a daughter of Annam and the younger sister of Hiatea. She is an ally of the swanmay goddess Fionnghuala. Her other siblings and half-siblings include Diancastra, Grolantor, Karontor, Shax, Skoraeus Stonebones, Stronmaus, Surtr, and Thrym. Memnor and Vaprak are also sometimes named as her relatives. Beautiful, loving Iallanis is one of her father’s favorite children.

Clergy: Iallanis will accept any good-aligned true giant into her priesthood, treating every race as equal to the others. She would treat giant-kin such as firbolgs, fomorians, verbeegs, and voadkyn as equals as well, but this was forbidden by her father; thus, they are limited to places of lower status in her clerical hierarchy. Her clerics strive to bring the whole of giantkind into the ways of good, to show mercy to all, and to cooperate with other good creatures. Her clerics and shamans are expected to become happily married if they are to attain high rank. She sends omens to her priests in the form of floral scents, tinkling sounds, and similar gentle, pleasant events.

Clerics of Iallanis concentrate on uniting the races of giantkind, bringing mercy and absolution to those who need it, and creating beautiful things. They forgo worldly possessions beyond those they require to do their duties.

Rituals: Clerics of Iallanis say prayers over every gift or meal they receive. They conduct nearly all marriage ceremonies among the giants, even those involving evil giants and priests of evil deities.

Every year, on the first day of Growfest, Iallanis’s priests assemble for a grand revelry. If possible, one or more marriages are performed at the climax of the event.

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