Humans of Aerdy

Humans historically have been dominant within Aerdy, and remain the rulers, nobles, mages, sages, and artisans of the lands. There is no specific discrimination against demihumans; it is simply that the lands of the kingdom include very few areas (hills, mountains, etc.) where demihumans traditionally have made their livings and homes.

A dwarven or gnome face is still stared at by many folk in some smaller cities and towns in Aerdi, simply because they are an unusual sight. Humans have run all affairs of the nation here for a long, long time.

The Aerdi are Oeridians, of course, but not many of Aerdy’s people are pure blood Aerdi. Lesser Oeridian tribes joined the successful migration of the Aerdi ever-eastward. To the south of the kingdom, the Aerdi interbred with Suel people, and to the east and northeast the Oeridian-Flan mix is common (especially in the Sea Barons lands, and on into Ratik). The Oeridian-Suel and Oeridian-Flan mixes are fairer-skinned than Aerdi pure bloods.

There is little discrimination on the basis of human race, since intermixing has been the norm for many centuries. However, some broad distinctions can be noted.

Oeridian-Suel: These folk tend toward evil alignments more predominantly than purebloods. An aptitude for magic runs strongly in certain families, especially for more subtle, arcane, and evil (necromantic) magics. Oeridian-Suel people are often cunning, sly, and distrusted by others.

This is far less true of the Suel-Oeridian mix which dominates the lands of the Sea Barons. A certain degree of cruelty and cowardice is found there, but these folk are more straightforward and less magically adept.

Purebloods: Old Oeridian blood dominates the great central plains lands and royalty. Oeridian stock tends to the practical, straightforward, and unimaginative. At least, this is true nowadays, although it was not always so – else, the Oeridians would not have been such magnificent colonialists. Rather, those Oeridians who resist mixing with other peoples and stay pure blooded are those who tend to be distrustful of what they do not know, and consequently lacking in imagination and creativity. Nonetheless, hard work, honesty, and loyalty are the positive side of these folk.

Oeridian-Flan: Because this mix is found to the north and east, which has always been frontier territory, the Oeridian-Flan people tend to be self-reliant, more Chaotic than others, and rugged, hardy, and adventurous. Customs, such as festival rituals, greetings, burial practices, and even religious and superstitious beliefs, show clearly the affinity with the barbarians of the north, even if most Oeridian-Flan folk are settled and “civilized” these days. A rougher, less “cultured,” and more forthright people, Oeridian-Flan people are inclined to resent others in Aerdy, feeling that many are milksops, living an easy life in the rich central lands, and have some contempt for them.

These are, of course, generalizations, but like all stereotypes they have some truth in them, or else they would not have become stereotypes. Nonetheless, humans should not be thought of as a single, monolithic bloc, even within the broad racial mixes.

To be sure, Common is spoken everywhere, since Old Oeridian is the root of the Common tongue. But regional dialects are strong. The rural folk of Ahlissa, for example, would struggle to understand the urbanites of Eastfair without them speaking very slowly. What’s more, different provinces within Aerdy have peoples with very different typical. For example, the meanness of the men of Ountsy is as legendary as the laziness of the men of the central plains lands. The gazetteer chapters give much more detail on such regional differences.

The Former Great Kingdom of Aerdy

Humans of Aerdy

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