Intermediate Power of a parallel Prime Material Plane

Symbol: A demonic reptilian head
Home Plane: a parallel Prime Material Plane
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Portfolio: Fire, Motion of Time
Superior: Ometeotl
Alias: none
Core Worshipers: Olman
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Celerity* (CD), Chaos, Destiny* (RoD), Destruction, Evil, Fire, Mysticism* (CD).
Favored Weapon: (+1 flaming javelin)

Description: This fearsome-looking god embodies the flow of time and the evil and destructive aspects of fire. He is always shown as a fire-shrouded, armor-clad humanoid with a demonic reptilian head. He demands many sacrifices from his followers and does not hesitate to punish them with bolts of flame when he is displeased. The priests of the Olman fire-god are warlike, hot-tempered, and inclined to act rather than wait. They excel in rousing violent emotions in soldiers and usually receive positions in the military for this reason. Ceremonial garb includes a headdress of red metal and red gems.

Huhueteotl is the Olman god who embodies the flow of time and the destructive side of fire. His symbol is an image of himself. He is a demonic creature, a humanoid with a fierce alligator-like head, dressed in armor made of red gems. Flames crackle around him, completely enshrouding his body.

Worshippers: Huhueteotl demands many sacrifices of his powers and does not hesitate before punishing them with bolts of flame.

Clergy: Priests of Huhueteotl are hot-tempered and quick to act. They dislike waiting, but excel at drawing fiery emotions from soldiers. As a result, many serve in the military. They customarily wear cherry red leather armor, and may wear jeweled headdresses on ceremonial occasions.

As with most Olman priests, priests of Huhueteotl must choose a direction to pray to at the beginning of their careers. Clerics of the east wear red, clerics of the south wear yellow, clerics of the west wear black, and clerics of the north wear white.

Temples: Huhueteotl is worshipped on active volcanoes, when possible.

Rituals and holy days: Precious metals, gems, fabrics, and human beings are sacrificed to Huhueteotl on the night of the waning moon by being thrown into active volcanoes. Every 52 years, Huhueteotl requires a special sacrifice of gems, feathered robes, and humans, or he will stop time. The public is required to attend every ritual, held at the temple of the appropriate god.

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