House Heshun of Naerie

When the County of Idee was invaded by the Scarlet Brotherhood, the leaders of House Heshun found refuge in the South Province and quickly allied themselves with Graf Reydrich. In 586 CY House Heshun recruited a warband of mercenaries (including orcs) and participated in the successful conquest of the County of Idee. Idee then became the Principality of Naerie, part of the United Kingdom of Ahlissa. Due to their loyalty during the Iron League rebellion and their contribution to the conquest, House Heshun earned the attention and respect of the new Prince of Naerie and was reinstated as the rulers of Foelt.

House Heshun is ruled by Baron Naudus Van Heshun (born 531 CY). Despite his years, Naudus is in good health, and he approaches the task of rebuilding Poelitz with a vigorous and shrewd mind. This House is loyal to House Haxx after their ancient lands (confiscated by House Eddri) were returned to them. They also want to make sure House Eddri never returns to prominence.

Blazon: Per pale, bendy sinister, gules and light brown in dexter, brown, a griffon proper. (A shield with light brown background, divided vertically. The right half of the shield has red stripes and the other has a griffon on it.)

Red and light brown are the colors of House Heshun

Principality of Naerie

House Heshun of Naerie

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