House Haxx of Naerie

Haxx is the ruling house of Naerie, headed by Prince Barzhaan. The duty of the Haxx is to keep the other noble Houses loyal to Ahlissa and make sure the Brotherhood does not gain a foothold in Naerie again. The Haxx must also make sure trade and relations with surrounding nations flow without any trouble. The Haxx are a rising force in Ahlissa. Formerly a minor noble house with lands in Ahlissa and central Aerdy, they lost many of their senior members in the fall of Rauxes. Barzhaan of Haxx had long served as a commander in the armies of the South Province. Under Graff Reydrich, he gained a generalship and led the Ahlissan heavy cavalry that decimated the forces of the Brotherhood in northern Naerie.

After Reydrich’s assassination, Barzhaan became one of the Ahlissan Oligarchs and showed considerable political foresight in aligning himself strongly with Xavener of Darmen during the formation of the United Kingdom of Ahlissa. For this support, he was granted the title of Prince of Naerie. Since then the stock of the House of Haxx has been rising and some predict great things for them.

Prince Barzhaan is the leader of the House, but he remains unmarried despite his advancing years. It is commonly believed that his cousin Darvander will inherit the throne of Naerie after Barzhaan.

Motto: Swift Is Our Wrath.
Blazon: Quarterly: I and IV: Vert, the Sun of Aerdy Or, II and III: Azure, a bull passant argent.
Meaning: Their coat of arms has four quarters. The upper right one and the lower left one are green with the golden Sun of Aerdy on them, while the upper left one and bottom right one shows a white bull, its foreleg raised, on a blue background.

Principality of Naerie

House Haxx of Naerie

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