House Eddri of Naerie

The original rulers of Idee, they have now been reduced to rulers of Schwente and its capital Felten. House Eddri is headed by Lady Tanariell Eddri, a distant cousin to Count Coriell Eddri of Idee. Coriell (the true head of House Eddri) managed to flee to Irongate with a contingent of soldiers when the Brotherhood invaded (most members of House Eddri were killed) and he remains there to this day. Rumors say Coriell would want to return but Prince Barzhaan has not invited him back, and it is likely that he and Overking Xavener prefer Coriell to stay in Irongate.

Blazon: Per pale, azure, two sea gulls argent in dexter, argent, a thunderbolt azure. (A shield divided vertically into two sections, one with blue background and another with grey background. The blue section has two grey seagulls while the grey section has the thunderbolt of Heironeous on it.)

Blue and grey are the colors of House Eddri.

Principality of Naerie

House Eddri of Naerie

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