High Market Square

The most exotic wares to be had in Greyhawk cross palms in this enormous open-air market packed to the curbs with colorful open-faced tents, wood-frame booths, impromptu art galleries, and hundreds of well-to-do shoppers. High Market Square (or The Grand Bazaar) itself is a large open space of packed earth and sand in a diamond shape, measuring about 200 feet north–south and 300 feet east–west. Every major northern street branches out from here.

The High Market is a maze of elegant awnings, genteel art galleries, courtly gentlemen, gracious ladies, and money – lots of money. Wood-frame booths with pennants flying, colorful tents, open tables with bright silk coverings, and friendly merchants greet the happy customer. The market is open every day of the week, with Godsday drawing a sparser crowd due to the religious commitments of the citizenry (some booths are open out of respect to the mercantile deity Zilchus). The square swells on Freeday, when the number of booths and stalls almost doubles to accommodate all the folk shopping on their day off. A City Watch patrol constantly wanders the market looking for thieves or problems because of the large sums of money changing hands here, and because the nobles demand security at all costs.

Following is a partial list of booths to be found at the High Market. Booths in italics are present only on Freedays: all others are here every day.

High Market Merchant List

  • Turquoise and jade jewelry
  • Rare colognes and perfumes
  • Silks
  • Fresh fruits, domestic
  • Fruits and vegetables, imported
  • Fine meats. minutes after slaughter
  • Steel helmets and shields
  • Chain mail armor
  • Long swords , engraved
  • Boots of common and rare leather
  • Dwarven axes, hammers. and halberds
  • High fashion dresses and cloaks
  • Portrait painting
  • Ruby statuettes
  • Local wine, excellent quality
  • Sculptures
  • Diamond and emerald jewelry
  • Exotic hounds and cheetahs
  • Fresh cakes and pies
  • Imported whiskey
  • Gold and silver Jewelry
  • Windup toy dragons
  • Flowers and floral arrangements
  • Plate mail armor-orders taken
  • Leather armor

On Freeday, dwarf-made items from Greysmere and Karakast are on sale, with fresh fine meat and high quality jewelry. Special items imported from Dyvers, Veluna, Verbobonc, Furyondy, and Perrenland also appear here on a regular basis on Freedays since the conclusion of the Greyhawk Wars and the Great Northern Crusade.

The High Market does not offer quite the variety of goods and are often much more expensive than similar goods found in the Petit Bazaar, but usually, the items are of superior craftsmanship and better materials, unique styling, and have prettier or more exotic decorations. Buyers may bargain to bring prices down, but the risk is great that the buyer will be told to go “down the hill, where they sell the cheap stuff” (in other words, the Low Market) if bargaining is pursued too often or with too much vigor.

Garden Quarter

High Market Square

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