Harrgrek Kukulend

Some 600 or so orcs and 50-60 orog dwell in the inhospitable caverns of Harrgrek Kukulend. The inner caverns are well secured, with rockfall traps, pits, crawl-ways with murder holes, and the like keeping unwanted predators out. The orcish tribe here is the Jublizoi, the Hill Renders, a term which has the connotation of “renders and killers of anything smaller than orcs”—that is, goblins, gnomes, and dwarves. Fifty years ago, the tribe was 5,000 strong. Now, hunted by gnomes and more rarely by dwarves, only this remnant remains.

Fearful of the greater numbers of demi-humans, the orcs have explored and tunneled much deeper than orcs normally would. They have managed to cultivate fungi in deep caves, and they fish for an albino sightless eel in deep, underground pools of the hills. The latter is hazardous, since cave fishers and lampreys also abound in the same places. The orcish diet is unusual; it includes fungi, cave moss, and lichens, and anything they can manage to get.

Currently, the orcs are divided between the elders who want to continue their way of life and a group of younger orcs and ogres whose plan is to emerge en masse and assault a demi-human citadel, taking it for themselves or dying gloriously in the attempt. Within five years or so, the younger ones will get their way as the elders die off, probably being helped along the way by their offspring. While the orcs are poorly equipped, they might yet be dangerous, for they are wily and cunning and have learned how to spring ambushes, to construct traps, and generally show more smarts than most orcs.

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Harrgrek Kukulend

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