Hard Beach

Considered a village: Conventional; AL N; 200 gp limit; Assets 1,200 gp; Population 1,200; Isolated (Human 1152, Halfling 24, Elf 12, other races 12).

Authority Figures: Elthar Induchine (LN male human, Expert L9), Mayor; Kanrik Oltenmark (N human male, Aristocrat L3) Merchants’ Guild headmaster; Janus Haltenmark (NG human male, Commoner L4) Town council leader.

Important Figures: Yellena Fortenbrau, (NG human female, Expert L9) Librarian; Karina Vermark (CG human female, Brad L3) Owner, Induchines’ Rest.

In Planting 584 CY, about 2,000 refugees came from Medegia and settled along the northern coastal region, though disease and starvation have reduced this number to around 1,200 at present. The ragged community calls its current home Hard Beach, in part for their suffering and in part for the rocky overhangs along the shore which have been turned into crude shelters. The town was built around the remnants of an old fort building and temple, many stones of which have been used for the foundations and walls of other buildings.

The town would have disappeared had they not been incorporated into the Induchine holdings in 586 CY, though the refugees are not considered clan members. The building of a small fishing wharf and its proximity to one of the few standing concentrations of freshwater in the region has also contributed to its survival though it has been touch and go, especially as the town as suffered quite a few disasters. The latest being the fire which destroyed the newly built temple to Rao and many of the slum buildings that had been built up around it. Some hope that the destruction of the temple will mean better times for the town.

The settlement is starting to take on a more permanent look these days, though most of the dwellings are still made of wattle and adobe with thatch roofs. There are only three stone buildings in the town: the town hall, the library and the main Inn, the ‘Induchines’ Rest’.
The library is the only building left from the original constructions and is of much superior manufacture to the rest of Hard Beach. It has been rededicated as a place of learning with small shrines to Boccob, Delleb and Lydia, though only Boccob has any sort of major following in the region.

The inhabitants of the town are sullen, and many have a pessimistic outlook on life, just waiting for the next disaster that the gods seem fit to send them. Most of the people manage to scrape together a meagre living as fishermen or farmers, but quite a few have turned to other occupations and anyone giving an ostentatious display of wealth becomes a prime target for the thieves of the area. The rumor would have it that Hard Beach has more rogues and thieves per head than any other place in The Dullstrand.

Hard Beach

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