Intermediate Power of the Tarterian Depths of Carceris

Symbol: A wooden spiked club
Home Plane: Carceris/Cathrys (the Steading)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Hunting, combat
Superior: Annam
Alias: Grolettinor, Grelinor
Core Worshipers: Giants
Worshipers: Hill Giants, Ettins, and some Frost Giants and Ogres
Cleric Alignments: CE, LE, NE
Domains: Chaos, Competition* (CD), Death, Earth, Evil, Madness* (CD), Mysticism* (CD).
Favored Weapon: Dwarfcrusher (+5 mighty cleaving club)

Description: Grolantor looks like a 25-foot tall hill giant, wearing several belts of woven dwarf beards. He wields an oversized club named Dwarfcrusher.

Dogma: Grolantor is strong and willfully stupid. He teaches his followers to persecute “lesser races” – that is, those smaller than hill giants. His hill giant shamans stubbornly refuse to admit they are smaller than any other giant breeds.

Ettins worship Grolantor in a dual-aspected manner, and their dogma differs from that of the hill giants in many crucial respects, often preventing alliances between the two races. Ettins view Grolantor (who they do not call by that name) as a gigantic ettin of great intelligence and wisdom, whose two heads maintain eternal vigilance against those who would hurt or subjugate the ettins. [Dragon #92]

The most important thing for a follower of Grolantor is to never admit weakness, and to crush the weak.

Relationships: Grolantor is one of the third generation of giant gods, disdainfully called the “runts” by their elders – the other is Karontor. His mother is an unnamed sky goddess. He was banished to Carceri by his father Annam for allying himself with treacherous Memnor, but now that Annam has retreated from the rest of the multiverse, the ban no longer applies. He now splits his time between Carceri and the Abyss.

Grolantor is evil second and stupid first, disowned by his brothers for his foolishness and relative weakness. Some say he created the race of hill giants by collecting and interbreeding the runts of earlier giant broods, then further polluted this stock by mating with various serpents, medusa-like hags, and the goddess Cegilune. The ettins are said to have descended from Grolantor and a monstrous serpent with a head on both ends of her coiled body.

The god has had to flee the wrath of his sister Hiatea on many occasions. He also has many enemies among the goblinoid and dwarven deities.

Clergy: Grolantor’s priests wear dark brown armor made from horn, and adorn their heads with skulls. They regularly organize hunting parties and skirmishing warbands, and take it upon themselves to root out what they perceive as weakness among their kind and elsewhere. They are not permitted to ever back down from a challenge. Grolantor’s favored weapon is the club.

Temples: The mines of Perdition in the Bluff Hills is considered to be a site sacred to Grolantor by the ogres who dwell there. Their leader has told them that a club sacred to Grolantor is buried somewhere in the mines will bring them great victory, if only his human slaves can find it.

Holy Days: Grolantor has no particular holy days, and is unusual among evil deities in that he demands no sacrifices. The closest thing to formal ritual among his worshipers is eating and drinking contests.

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