Grey College

The nucleus of the entire quarter, Grey College was established in the newly purchased Iolavai House in 342 CY. Named for the famous scholar and Greyhawk native know as the Grey Savant, said to have played a fundamental role in the instruction of the young Zagig Yragerne, Grey College inherited the staff and sages of the moribund Academy of Art and Science, which had previously held a collection of run-down towers in what would become Old City. In short order the school established a conservative, intellectually sound curriculum that has changed but little in the intervening years. Outside the Royal University at Rel Mord, Grey College is perhaps the most distinguished institution of learning in the entire Flanaess.

Certain parts of the school are scattered throughout other small buildings in Clerkburg and even beyond, for the small observatory of the Astronomy School is located outside Clerk’s Gate. The largest buildings of the College are the Hall of the Dean, College Hall, and Timber Hall.

Other classes, most notably the School of Music’s chambers for both instrumental and vocal education, and the School of Sculpture’s studios, are spread among the smaller buildings on the university’s park-like grounds.

This renowned institution has long produced many of the best-educated men and women in the civilized world. It has rigorous entrance requirements and offers scholarships to excellent students from distant lands or poor households.

The college offers courses and degrees in many fields, including alchemy, astrology and astronomy, architecture and engineering, healing, geography, economics and finance, the fine arts, accounting and mathematics and history. In Zagig’s day the school boasted an excellent series of courses on matters arcane, but the University of Magical Arts has clearly usurped its superior claim in this field of study. About 500 students fill the halls of Grey College each term, with degrees taking anywhere from two to eight years to achieve. Tuition varies, based on the level of program sought. Tuition starts at 50 gp per year and doubles each year thereafter, limiting the student body of Grey College to the children of the privileged classes. Roughly a third of the students come from foreign lands.

However, each student can be assured of receiving instruction from knowledgeable and motivated professors. Classes are small, with individual attention common during the later years of schooling.

Like the other colleges in the city, a Grey College term begins a month after Midsummer, and ends the following year a month before Midsummer. During the intervening 10 months. classes and school exercises are pursued six days a week, every week except for a break of a week or two in midwinter.

Grey College is sometimes known as Greyhawk’s College or the University of Greyhawk. Though most of its buildings are situated east of the Processional near Garden Gate and along University Street, the college claims a half-dozen structures scattered throughout the district and an observatory outside the eastern wall. Important buildings on the main campus are:

The Grey College chancellor is Hewler Silverfox (LG male human Fighter L3), a distant relative of a noble Greyhawk family.


Grey College

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