Greenway Valley

Although small gnome villages are scattered throughout the Kron Hills, it is in the lightly wooded Greenway Valley that the majority of gnomes make their home. This pastoral valley has grown to become one of the largest gnome settlements in the Flanaess, mostly due to the brisk trade carried on with the merchants of Verbobonc. Currently, the valley is home to about 10,000 gnomes. The valley is divided into twelve townships, each administered by one of the gnome families seated on the Assembly of the Kron Hills. The central township is the seat of the gnome Clanlord, Urthgan the Eldest of Tulvar. His family has ruled the gnomes of the Kron Hills for over 500 years, and is well-respected by nobles and commoners alike.

The houses in the valley are very reminiscent of the buildings of Verbobonc, a mix of old and new, gnome and Gothic styles. This should not be surprising as Greenway Valley was the birthplace of the famous gnome architect Snirthiglin, who drafted the plans for Verbobonc years ago. Many also live in “rents” (gnome for cellar), preferring the smell of the earth to the open air homes of their brethren. Along the Greenway, numerous inns, merchant houses, markets, and taverns are located, catering to traders and travelers alike. Smallish warrens also abound, for those who prefer a more traditional living space. Each warren houses an extended family of 20-30 gnomes

Each township has a large trading house along the Greenway where goods from the mines are received, stockpiled, and sold to traders. By gnome law, no product of the mines may be sold by the nobles at any other place. All commerce thus centers around these houses. An agent of the Assembly, the Satveegr, oversees each factory. He is responsible for the collection of taxes, the auditing of the mine records, and for mediating disputes which arise between the trading houses and traders. These posts are especially sought after as there is ample opportunity for monetary gain associated with them.

Marshals appointed by the Clanlord travel throughout the valley on a regular circuit. Their duty is to keep the peace in the various townships. Most rulings may be appealed to the various members of the Assembly; however, in matters regarding inter-township crimes and disputes, the Marshals answer only to the Clanlord. These Marshals are among the most respected individuals in Greenway Valley, recognized for their integrity, honesty, and wisdom.

Each township has an organized militia, and the total force of Greenway Valley numbers close to 2,500 gnome soldiers when fully mustered. They may be raised by either Clanlord Urthgan or by the Viscount of Verbobonc (with the clanlord’s approval) The gnomes volunteered to aid the dwarves of the Lortmils during the Hateful Wars, and the last time the militia was raised was at the request of the Viscount who desired their help against the hordes of Zuggtmoy. Since the sacking of the Temple of Elemental Evil some quarter century ago, life has largely returned to normal in the valley, and happiness and prosperity have returned to the gnomes of the Kron Hills.

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Greenway Valley

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