Great Fire of 584 CY

A decade ago a great fire consumed a portion or the Old City, causing great loss of life, especially among children and the elderly. Rumors claimed it was set by agents of the Beggar’s Union as an attack against the Thieves’ Guild. Proof was never found, but the beggars suffered horrible retribution for many months afterward.

The scar of the fire remains, perhaps left by the guildmaster as a reminder to thieves of the perfidy of their Old City neighbors. This is now a haven of dogs, cats, rats, and crows. A few hermits pick their way through the refuse, but none spend the night here.

Rumors abound claiming that the burn site is haunted by the ghosts of those killed in the fire. Other tales tell of the treasure vault of a master thief, lying somewhere in the wreckage but guarded by the vengeful spirit of the thief and his three great hounds.

Douglas Niles. Greyhawk Adventures, Gem of the Flanaess 1989.

The Thieves’ Quarter

Great Fire of 584 CY

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