Grandwood Forest

The Grandwood has been a haven, historically, for renegades both good and bad. While Medegia claimed the forest south of the Mikar, the remainder was the overking’s fief. However, the natural defenses of the Grandwood, with its central areas of dense forest, prevented imperial troops from raiding into its heart. The western third of the forest was relatively uninhabited because of those troops, but the forest folk learned to be cunning. A typical trick was to dress in the clothes of slain imperial troops to ambush others of the same ilk who came raiding later.

Unfortunately, as a response to this the overking used orc troops to raid the Grandwood, and because of their familiarity with it, many deserting orc troops filtered back into the forest.

Grandwood folk make their living from the forest itself, since that yields most of what they need. Weapons such as staves, bows, and spears are made from the variety of trees available. However, superior weapons such as swords and metal armor could not be usually had, save poor or mediocre quality equipment taken from killed imperials.

There is but one ore vein below the forest, tapped by the gnomes of Gaborren’s Rift. But this yields gold and is useless for weapons. Many consider that gold should be used to get the weapons they need. Hence, the Grandwood men could certainly benefit from trade, just as cities like Rel Astra or Ountsy could certainly use the wood and food the forest offered. Such trade agreements would keep Drax from raiding the forest to get what his people need. This leaves Drax, who intends to march on Rauxes, free to use his troops in that endeavor.

Grandwood folk are unsurprisingly divided on whether they should trade with Rel Astra. It would offer them other benefits, such as peace, and with orcs raiding into the forest that would be welcome. However, many do not trust Drax; many years of fighting off Medegian and Rel Astran raiders make them suspicious.

Others object on moral grounds; Drax is still an evil despot, and it is wrong to trade with him. Still others reply that Grandwood food would go to feed the ordinary folk of Rel Astra, and that such trade would not be morally wrong since it would mostly benefit those commonfolk. The debates are endless.

The people of the Lone Heath add another dimension to the trade question. There are ties between the communities, especially between rangers and the druidic priests of Obad-Hai. The Lone Heath folk are almost all implacably opposed to the despots of the east and continue to raid and strike at their merchant caravans along the Iron Road and elsewhere.

In a first meeting with Grandwood folk, Drax’s representative pointed out that the Grandwooders and the Heathfolk were allies, and surely the Grandwood people could prevail upon the Heathmen not to attack Rel Astran merchants? The request was reasonable, but the Grandwooders could not comply.

How all this will turn out is uncertain. If Drax should march on Rauxes and become overking, then the Grandwood people would be his implacable enemies and trade would be impossible. Some have, indeed, foreseen this possibility. But only Istus knows who will ascend the malachite throne, so the deliberations continue.

Locations and Settlements of the Grandwood Forest


Grandwood Forest

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