Governing Bodies and Organizations of Hardby

Gynarch’s Court: Obviously, the Gynarch is the most important figure in Hardby. Consequently, her court is one of much politics and intrigue. Seated upon the Throne of Wood, a throne crafted over seven centuries ago from a single delko tree, is the 28th Gynarch of Hardby, Myriana Pharast (LG female human Enchantress L5). Only 19, Myriana is young, level headed and fair-minded. She wants what is best for the people of Hardby. Unfortunately the new Gynarch wears her heart on her sleeve and is a bit naïve in the ways of politics. She expects others to have the best intentions as well, and this is something that sometimes allows reality to find its way into her blind spot.

Myriana has kept her Aunt’s most trusted advisors as her own, for the most part. Many of her ministers are relatives. Her forty-five year old mother, Adara Pharast (LN female human Fighter L7) is actually the captain of her personal guard and was so for her older sister Nazar. While not considered an intellectual, Adara is a shrewd judge of character, and a strong and willful individual. She is very perceptive and cautious. Adara is an excellent swordswoman, perhaps the best in Hardby. Adara is also a staunch ally of the Thieves Guild in the Gynarch’s court, and they have helped her to maintain the Gynarch’s safety and security through spying and surveillance.

Myriana’s father, Losartan Wilmere-Pharast (NG male human Fighter L2) is a high-ranking member of the Sailor’s and Fisher’s guild. He also advises his daughter in regards to trade. Losartan is the Gynarch’s eyes and ears both on the waterfront and in the Council of Guildmasters, where he is well respected by much of the membership. Losartan does have his prejudices, though, and does not get along well with the Guildmaster of the Longshoreman and Dockworkers guild, the rival guild on the waterfront. So as not to have a conflict of interest on the Council, he has relegated himself to a “back-bencher” since his daughter has ascended to the Gynarchy, even though it reasoned to stand that he would be most likely to be the next chair of the Council.

The Admiral of the Hardby Marines, Bran Zolpidem (LG male human Ranger L8), was a fiercely loyal officer during the reign of Gynarch Nazar, and rose through the ranks fairly quickly. He is only 30 years of age. In addition to being a loyal officer, Bran is a shrewd diplomat in his dealings with the forces from Greyhawk. He is not the best military tactician, but he has surrounded himself with officers who complement him in these areas. While it is whispered by many in the Gynarch’s court that Admiral Zolpidem is a potential suitor for the young Despotrix, Myriana is planning on arranging a union between him and her sixteen year-old sister Elan this autumn. The Gynarch has other plans for a marital union for herself.

There are traditionally two priestesses, one of Joramy, and one of Wee Jas, that are part of the Gynarch’s inner circle. They are Kalred Xia (N female human Cleric of Joramy L10) and Kyra Neftal (LN female human Priestess of Wee Jas L13). They are not only spiritual advisors to the Gynarch, but, for Myriana, teachers as well. Having known her since her infancy, they have groomed her for leadership, as Gynarch Myriana was named as her Aunt’s successor when she was very young. They also know through divinations that Myriana’s reign will be faced with some very serious challenges, both from within and without during her reign. What those challenges are remains to be seen, but of the portents hints at an assassination attempt, while a second warns of a threat from the Scarlet Brotherhood.

The newest member of the inner circle is a grey elven adventurer named Keldreth Scaramanthelon (CG male elf Enchanter L14/Rogue L17). Keldreth figured prominently, albeit behind the scenes, during the Wars. As a result of his heroics and his charms, Keldreth has maneuvered his way into the courts of Belvor IV and Lynwerd. He has also been linked to the inner circle of Princess Angelica Skotti of Keoland. Keldreth’s connections to these prominent figures have made him a welcome addition to the Gynarch’s court.

But that is not the only reason that the elf has gravitated towards the Gynarch’s court. As a skilled enchanter, Keldreth has been tutoring Myriana in the finer points of magic. This has allowed him to gain access to the Gynarch’s libraries, which he is using to research a map he has uncovered recently in Greyhawk. Keldreth has also been advising they Gynarch in matters of courtly love, urging her not to rush into a political marriage too soon herself. He has been advising Myriana that she should maneuver members of her court into such alliances that insure internal stability while she should look outside of Hardby for a consort for herself.

The elite of Hardby often gathers at the court of the Gynarch. A majority of the members of the court are the landholders of Hardby, while some among the important Guildmasters and religious figures. Others are celebrated bards and entertainers who either take residence in Hardby, or frequent her as a stop on their travels. There is, of course, some intrigue in the court. As Hardby is quite provincial much of the plots and schemes are local in nature. Many attempt to curry the Gynarch’s favors, largely to improve their public standing.

There are some members of the court who are ambassadors from across the central Flanaess. Representatives hail from the Viscounty of Verbobonc, the Free City of Dyvers, the Gold County, the Barony of Willip, the Duchy of Urnst, Greyhawk, Narwell, Safeton, and the government- in-exile of Fax. Myriana is hoping to expand the court to include representatives from Chendl, Niole Dra, and Rel Mord within the next few years.


Governing Bodies and Organizations of Hardby

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