Gornor's Cove

Small Town: Conventional (House Lyrthi and Nuran both wield strong influence in town); AL LN/N/CG/CN; 800gp limit; Assets 68,000gp; Population 1700; Mixed (Humans o/s 82% (1396), Halflings 9% (155), Elves 7% (118), Half-Orcs 1% (16), Gnome 1% (14)).

Authority figures: Eberic of House Lyrthi (LN male human Aristocrat L7/Fighter L4), local ruler and Head of House Lyrthi. Nuran (NG female human Cleric of Osprem L12), Overseer of Saint Idee’s burial site and leader and High Priestess of Osprem’s faith in Naerie.

Important characters: Thriendril of Prymp (LE female human Fighter L7/Marshall L4), Commander of the Ahlissan garrison. Mudoric (LN male human Cleric of Zilchus L8). Captain Saron (N male human Warrior L9), leader of the City Watch. Qita (CN female aarakocra Wizard L9). Harbormaster Tedin (LN male human Expert L9). Ordog (N male human Cleric of Xerbo L8), High Priest of Xerbo in Naerie. Kalkat (N male human Commoner L13), leader of the Fishermen’s Guild.

Temples: Osprem (goddess of Ships, Sea Voyages and Sailors), Procan (God of Seas, Sea life, Salt, Sea Weather and Navigation), Xerbo (god of Sea, Sailing, Money and Business), Lydia (goddess of Music, Knowledge and Daylight).

Overview: Gornor’s Cove is a small town, located in a sheltered cove that lends the town its name. The town is most famous for being a pilgrimage site for worshippers of Osprem. Other sea gods are also worshipped here, though interestingly enough Zilchus does not have a temple in this town (which does not mean prayers for him are not uttered here). Gornor’s Cove can look like a peaceful town but under the surface disapproval towards the Ahlissans is barely kept under control. Residents don’t like their new masters or even Count Fedorik’s heir, Coriell, that much, thinking he abandoned Idee much too easily. As locals like to say ‘what good has he done for us, hiding in Irongate like that.’ Eberic of House Lyrthi rules here and has his hands full, trying to keep the resentment in check.

After the signing of the Naerie Compact, Gornor’s Cove has received its share of traders from surrounding lands, and many goods pass through it, diverting funds from Naerie City which is still the most popular place for foreigners to trade. The barony is quite low on other resources, though, relying on farming and fishing mainly. A couple of nearby ore mines supplement these resources. In addition Eberic deliberately keeps the prices on ship repairs 3-8% cheaper than elsewhere in the principality, attracting many ship captains to its dry dock. A large scale salt works has also recently been build, inspired by House Heshun’s work in Poelitz. These bring much needed capital into the town.

The Priesthood of Osprem is strong in Monne and has a shrine in Gornor’s Cove. Nearby, the burial site of Saint Idee of the Sails is a popular pilgrimage site for worshipers of Osprem. The High Priestess of Osprem’s faith, Nuran, lives in the burial site and is much more popular than the current rulers. Other large temples in Gornor’s Cove are for Procan and Xerbo.

Gornor’s Cove is a busy town when it comes to commerce, but under the surface the disapproval towards the Ahlissans is barely kept under control. Residents don’t like Count Fedorik’s heir, Coriell, that much, either, thinking he abandoned Idee much too easily.

Rulership and Law: Eberic of House Lyrthi rules here, like his family has for centuries, though unlike his glorious predecessors such as Gillax Lyrthi, he is slightly unsuited for being a ruler. Situation is not helped by the fact that he fled Gornor’s Cove when defenses failed and was in hiding Hollow Highlands with his household troops until Ahlissans arrived, at which point he enthusiasticly joined them and had no qualms with Ahlissan annexing whole of Idee. He also occasionally sends an outburst of harsh language to direction of Berik Oedil over their centuries old grudge. Still, he does the best he can and certainly isn’t the worst ruler one can find in Ahlissa. He has a way of finding capable underlings who can be trusted with day to day running of affairs and tries to keep people happy by supporting temples and with more mundane means.

By far the most popular individual in Gornor’s Cove is Nuran, High Priestess of Osprem in Naerie. She is a beautiful Suel woman in her 40s and was in Gornor’s Cove when it fell to Scarlet Sign. After two years in captivity, Ahlissan troops rescued her when town was taken.

She is on good terms with worshippers of other sea gods, especially Xerbo, and a yearly ritual is held in Gornor’s Cove every Richfest where servants of both deities celebrate together and ask their deities to bless sailors and merchants of the town. Traditionally a large group of worshippers walks across Gornor’s Cove with wooden statues of Osprem & Xerbo, before placing them into water near the harbor and setting them free as offerings.

In addition to this, Nuran has the control of Eye of Osprem, a mystical artifact that is said to be able to reveal secrets of both past, present and future. How this articact came into possession of temple of Osprem is unknown. Most people seem to think that is was given for safekeeping by worshippers of Lendor who arrived here along other Suel refugees after twin cataclysm. However, it should be noted that there is no evidence of there ever being an established temple of Lendor within the lands of Idee.

Gornor’s Cove follows normal Ahlissan legal code and town guards and soldiers here are know as Gornorites, who are drawn among the local people and who have experience in keeping situations under control. A relatively new recruit, perhaps with year or two of working experience is detailed below. Naturally Gornorites also have a number of more experienced officers and serterns. Commanding officer is a Suel man named Saron.

In addition to Gornorites, a garrison of Ahlissan soldiers is nearby, commanded by Thriendril of Prymp. Their presence is multi-functional. They keep city under control, preventing rioting and also enforcing the still ongoing edict of not letting public to visit the burial site of Saint Idee. Soldiers don’t come to Gornor’s Cove often and if they do, either in disguise or in large groups. In 591CY few soldiers who were drinking in town late at night met with surprising ‘accidents’ and this is yet another schism between Ahlissans and local population.

Religion: Osprem, goddess of Ships, Sea Voyages and Sailors, was very popular in the Old Idee and her worship is perhaps the most populous in Naerie. Nowhere else its more evident than in Gornor’s Cove with a holy shrine of Saint Idee, large temple and population who is largely loyal to her high priestess. In recent times a sect of Osprem worshippes has started preaching about the return of the Saint and indepence of Naerie (though no clergy member belongs to it, at least officially). Xerbo is favoured by those who make their trade in the sea and temple of the Sea Dragon is located in the harbour, along with an impressive statue, ironically build by Scarlet Brotherhood. Procan rounds up the trinity of sea Gods as large number of people believe that Osprem is the husband of Procan and soothes his wrath with her song. This belief originated from the storm coast of Onnwal and in Ahlissan towns near Relmor Bay. In addition, there is a minor shrine to Lydia, which operates as school that is free to all people (though usually people donate few coins if able to do so). Junior priests usually teach there and as such they don’t stay for long, moving on to other missions while other takes over.

Unlike in other towns in Naerie, Zilchus or Velaeri do not have temple in Gornor’s Cove. Neither has a temple for any martial deity been established here. A temple of Wee Jas existed here until 584 CY when it was razed to ground by Ahlissan troops and priests executed as punishment for siding with Scarlet Sign.

Food and water supply: Large number of town’s actual population lives outside the walls, working as farmers. In addition, town has lots of fishers who take their rowing beats some distance away from town and try their luck with nets and fishing rods. Water supply of the town is done through various rainwater collection points and wells located to northern side of the town. All residents are free to use these spots and junior clerics of all faiths are tasked in casting at least one purify food and drink to them every day to keep possible diseases in check. Gornor’s Cove has sewers but it mainly relies to rainwater to keep it flowing. Occasionally a seperate pipe leading to the Azure Sea is opened to let sea water run through the sewers but this is not done often as careless handling can lead to overflowing. It should be mentioned that both Scarlet Brotherhood (against Ideeans) and Ahlissans (against Scarlet Brotherhood) did this when battle for the town raged so that defenders using them to reach various parts of the town were forced to get out or drown.

Locations in Gornor’s Cove:
Lyrthi Manor: This old manor house functions as home for House Lyrthi and their servants. It is build above a small rise that enables a view over the town and into the azure sea.

Gornorite Compound: This is the headquarters of the Gornorites and includes workshops where their equipment is maintained and kept, as well as small number of holding cells for minor offenders. Those guilty of more serious crimes are either sent into town prison (10), to labor outside the town or executed within this compound.

Upper town: Eastern side of Gornor’s Cove rises above the rest of the town and this location is known for its well of residents. Several large city houses, owned by minor nobles or succesful merchants are here.

Temple of Osprem: The most popular deity of Gornor’s Cove also has the largest temple. It has been repaired after damage it sustained during occupation and beautiful stained glass windows have been inserted, showing works of various saints and martyrs.

Central Square: This place is usually filled with farmers and fishermen selling off those goods which are not needed by their own family or don’t have to paid as feudal obligations. In other times it is used as festival ground or for religious ceremonies. Despite its name it is not actually a central point of Gornor’s Cove but when locals talk of ‘city center’, they always mean this square.

Oleg’s town: Much like Upper Town, this place is for well-off people, though it is favored more by mercantile class and priests. The name of this section is said to honor the founder of Gornor’s Cove. A large number of halflings live here.

Brown Bird: This tavern is owned by a hafling named Marpo (Rog3, said to be rude and inpolite individual). It is not really an inn, only having a single extra room which is rented for special occasions. The food is good however and Marpo brews his own ale.

Lower town: This residential area is for common laborers and fishermen of the town.

Town Prison: This walled compound has several wooden buildings where those sentenced to imprisonment are kept. A unit of Gornorites keeps watch here, led by jailer Eres Hilran (Exp4/Ftr1).

Dumping-ground: House Redu, a minor noble house, has a deal with street cleaners, butchers and fishermen that they can bring all their horse dung, offal, etc. into this place for a reasonable cost. Lots of stuff comes in but nobody has ever seen it processed in anyway, expect being dumped down a chute leading underground. Rumors indicate that house Redu probably has an Otyugh or two that eat all the waste but where they have actually gotten it/them is a mystery. A woman named Ursas Elneron (Exp3) works here with few handymans (Com1). Unsurprsingly, the houses next to it tend to be cheapest ones in Gornor’s Cove.

Ludmila’s Compound: A succesful merchant from Naerie City, Ludmila Uirten (Ftr2/Rog3) has recently bought this for expanding her import business into Gornor’s Cove.

The Sickle: This low quality tavern serves the needs of common laborers and fishers. To this effect, ‘daily menu’ usually consists of a soup (made of fish & vegetables usually) in a large cauldon, supplemented by thick brown bread and low quality ale. It is said that this was place was originally meant as place of worship for Scarlet Brotherhood but Ahlissan invasion put an end to these plans and it was instead turned into tavern.

Temple of Procan: Temple of Procan located by the water front. It is a simple stone building with very modest furnishings. A salt work has been build adjacent to a temple and is administered by clerics of Procan. Profits go mostly to House Lyrthi.

School of Lydia. This modest house functions as school for residents of Gornor’s Cove and also as shrine for Lydia. Junior priests from Minetha usually work here in six month perioids, before moving on to other missions. While worship of Lydia is still small in Gornor’s Cove, things might change in the future.

Dock Quarter. This area consists of warehouses and workshops that serve the merchant ship stopping here. Many shops are located here.

Shrine of Xerbo: This grandione building houses the temple of Xerbo. A big stone statue of a sea dragon faces towards the harbor and people say it acts as eternal guardian of the town (never mind the fact that it’s a normal statue or that is was build only few years ago).

Fishermens guild: The guild is responsible for protecting the rights of local fishers, lending money and collecting a percent of the profits for House Lyrthi. A priest of Zilchus named Mudoric has recently become part of the guilds organisation by the orders of the royal guild of merchants. Leader of the guild, Kalkat, is still wary of him.

Docks: Six large piers form the dock area for the ships. Around 20 ships can be kept docked here at any given time. A wall that covers most of the harbor was constructed on 542 CY by dumping lots of earth into the harbor. A watchtower stands at the end, armed with 6 ballistas that cover the approach to harbor. In the event of a serious attack, it’s hard to know how effective this defense would be. Several everburning torches are at the top to make sure ships steer well away from the wall.

Lighthouse: This small stone tower is only 20ft tall. Half-a-dozen everburning torches are on top of it, showing a corridor for ships to navigate into the harbor. An old man named Henlin (Com2) lives here and receives a token sum each year for tending the lighthouse.

Dry Dock: This is a relatively new addition to town. To attract ship captain, the repair and construction prices are kept deliberately low. There is enough space for three ships to be docked here at any given time. A man named Westapoul (Exp6) runs the docks.

Saltwater Inn: This inn is popular stop for sailors and merchants. It is three story building with over a dozen rooms available. An old captain Tresun (Exp5/Clr1 of Xerbo) runs this establishment.

Halfling quarter: Majority of Gornor’s Coves demi-humans live in this quarter, along with a sizable human population.

Qita’s Emporium: Aarakocra wizard Qita has recently opened this shop to halfling quarter. There aren’t many customers to be had and it is said that Qita has opened the shop only so she can get to know ‘land dwellers’ as he calls anyone who cannot fly.

Irlen’s arms: The biggest store for weapons and armor is Irlen’s arms, run by a half-orc of the same name (Ftr2/Exp5). He has a large collection of weapons amassed as war booty and he imports items from Onnwal, though with war now over, he might need to find new contacts.

Town gates: The town wall is simple stone wall and has not been build to withstand sieges. However, there are several towers around Gornor’s Cove which can accommodate large numbers of soldiers and archers if need be. All of the gates leading into the town can be closed with thick wooden doors and iron portcullis, at least slightly delaying the attacker.

Ahlissan military garrison: The Ahlissan garrison is stationed here. At any given time there are 200-300 soldiers in this camp, ready to put down any disturbance in Gornor’s Cove.

Bird Tower: Bird Tower lies atop a tall hill and is the home of the wizard Qita, who is an Aarakocra, a race of avians usually found in Griff and Corusk Mountains. Large bird flocks nest by the tower, and some giant varieties act as guards and scouts. Originally the tower was an old abandoned guard post, but Qita acquired it a few years before the Brotherhood invasion. During the invasion she took her possessions and teleported herself away, returning only during the closing phases of the invasion.

Burial Site of Saint Idee of the Sails: The body of the Saint is not actually here, resting instead somewhere in the Azure Sea. Nonetheless, this place is a popular pilgrimage site for worshipers of Osprem, and it is overseen by the priesthood of Osprem. Many previous rulers of Idee are buried here, including Fedorik Eddri, the last Count of Idee (whose body was hidden during the occupation). During the Brotherhood occupation, the burial site was razed (though the graves themselves were left undisturbed). Prince Barzhaan had the burial site restored and reinstated Osprem’s priesthood as caretakers. However, the public were (and still is) no longer allowed to visit the burial site of the Saint. After several occasions of rioting in CY 591, Ahlissan guards were permanently posted in Gornor’s Cove to enforce this unpopular edict. Nuran, High Priestess of Osprem, spends most of her time here and guards the sacred Eye of Osprem (which was taken to safe location during the occupation). It is said to be important object for the faith and that those who are worthy may glimpse into it and possible see into the future.

The burial site also has its own defenders, called the ‘Followers of the Wave’. This is a group of monks who train themselves for unarmed combat in the vicinity of the burial site. They are led by Ranshek (Mnk10), originally a member of Scarlet Brotherhood who converted to faith of Osprem in 590 CY.

Coast Road Inn: More like a thorp, Coast Road Inn is a very popular tavern about 15 miles east of Gornor’s Cove. It is run by a man named Butor (N male human Expert L7), and it is a popular place of rest for merchants and adventurers travelling along the coast. It has large areas for horses, wagons and so forth, and Butor employs over 20 people in his Inn.

Current Situation: In 598 CY, Gornor’s Cove was hit by a number of magical terrorist attacks and civil unrest, instigated by a member of House Devnor, who had been living in town for years. Eberic lost his male heir Endonius and has slipped into alcoholism, while Endonius’ widow, Arabella Vilo takes care of House Lyrthi’s day-to-day affairs. Meanwhile, Nuran, who was also targeted but survived, has essentially taken control of the town and rules it with the blessing of the local population. It is unclear how the situation will resolve itself and it right now threatens the very stability of Naerie.

Barony of Monne

Gornor's Cove

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