Gnomeburg is a small section of Verbobonc, tucked away in the shadow of the city wall. It is only a few blocks of tiny, half-buried structures, built in a style similar to the gnome warrens of the Kron Hills. Trees grow thickly in this district, almost disguising the gnome enclave as a park. Scattered throughout the wooded streets are a number of small inns and taverns.

Notable Locations within Gnomeberg:

Most of the gnomes live in Gnomeburg in these warrens called “rents”, small but comfortable dwellings excavated from the dozens of small hills in this section of the city. Since the gnomes have declared themselves free of the writ of the Viscount, many of the Gnome artisans have left the city to relocate in the Kron Hills and about a third of the warrens are empty. The gnomes left most of the original trees, building their warrens under the shelter of their canopies. The entire district looks like a large park. Only small dirt pathways wander through this section.

Verbobonc City


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