Gnarley Forest

Portions of the Gnarley Forest are claimed by Celene, Dyvers, Verbobonc, and Greyhawk. The forest is home to thousands of woodsmen, sylvan elves, and gnomes. An enclave of ogres, gnolls, and orcs (Blackthorn) is hidden within, and roving orcs from the Pomarj annually attempt to use the forest as cover for a massive flanking maneuver against Narwell and Safeton. The Furyondian Greenjerkins are 40-odd rangers who patrol the northern Gnarley from a small river port, Stalmaer, at the confluence of the Att and Velverdyva Rivers. Also, over two hundred Gnarley Rangers patrol the entire forest, protecting it from harm. The forest folk and their druidic allies are wary of intrusions by Greyhawk soldiers and settlers, fearing the whole forest may be cutdown for farmland and timber.

Settlements and Locations in the Gnarley Forest

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Gnarley Forest

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