Gleaming Glades

This northern tip of the Gnarley Forest is noteworthy because of the health and fertility of the plant life there. Visitors swear that sunlight seems different standing within these glades, as if the warm yellow light had a life of its own, dancing and flowing around the trees.

Be that as it may, the gleaming glades a haven of wilderness power, and the home to a group of reclusive druids of Obad-Hai. There are five druids living here ranging in level from 4th to 9th. They do not get on well with the priesthood of Ehlonna which forms the large majority of the Gnarley Forest nature priests. They avoid contact with outsiders. However, the druidic tombs will always have at least one druid keeping watch over them from any intruders. This is the easiest place to find the druids. The tombs contain the bodies of former Obad-hai druids, and the bodies of those druids outside the Obad-hai who have been deemed worthy of burial there. These “tombs” are actually simple earth mounds, which have young oaks growing from them. These druids believe in reincarnation, and what better after one’s death than to bring forth new life as the young trees flourish? Nonetheless, they will not stand by and watch the curious poke about at the tombs.

Carl Sargent. Greyhawk Adventures, The Marklands, 1993

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Gleaming Glades

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