Daughter of the Oasis
Lesser Deity

Symbol: A waterspout
Home Plane:
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Lakes, Rivers, Wells, Streams
Core Worshipers: Baklunish
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Plant, Travel, Water, Weather* (CD).
Favored Weapon: Spear

Description: Geshtai (GESH-tie) is depicted as a young Baklunish woman standing in a pool of water, often holding a clay water jug. Her pet fish, Gumus, summons water creatures to fill her. Revered today by nomads, travelers, and farmers in Baklunish lands, her temperament is moderate, and she treats all others with care and patience. She dislikes fiery gods and proponents of disease and poison, especially Pyremius. Her symbol is a waterspout. “Tranquility is a benign state, and it should take an extreme act to disrupt it for more than a moment. When such a disruption comes, turn its force back upon itself to negate it, like the stone that breaks the surface of a lake only to be covered and lost. Water, like tranquility, is hard to find but necessary to vitality. Water is more previous than gold, for a thirsty man gets no sustenance from his wealth.” Clerics of Geshtai act as guardians of valuable waters, whether lakes, streams, oases, or hidden wells, making sure that they are available to all and not claimed or destroyed by any one group of people. They patrol parched areas of land where travelers often become lost and guide them to safety and water. Some explore the length of a river or stream, learning the unique traits of the entire flow. They seek out those who use destructive magic upon natural reserves of water, as well as those who would harm people by contaminating water with disease or poison.

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