Gendwar Argrim

The Doomed Dwarf

Symbol: A waraxe bearing the dwarven rune for destruction
Home Plane: unknown
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Fatalism and Obsession
Core Worshipers: Dwarves
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Destruction, Law, War.
Favored Weapon: Forgotten Hope (+ Dwarven waraxe)

Special Notes: A divine spellcaster of Gendwar Argrim should strive to exemplify their deity’s teachings on abandoning wealth and greed. Whenever they have 1,000 gp or less in non-item wealth (the value in the Final GP Total box on their last AR), they receive a +1 sacred bonus to all Charisma and Wisdom-based skill checks. If they have more than 1,000 gp (plus 500 gp per character level) in non-item wealth, they receive a -1 sacred penalty to such checks instead. This penalty can be avoided by designating some of the non-item wealth beyond the 1,000 gp plus 500 gp per character level limit as being used towards a future purchase (or Magic Item Creation) of an item the divine spellcaster already has access to purchase (or craft). List the amount being dedicated to an item purchase (or Magic Item Creation) in the notes section; that gold can no longer be used for anything other than the future purchase (or Magic Item Creation) of that item (or on NPC spellcasting of spells that cure hp damage, remove a condition/curse, or bring an individual back from the dead, if, and only if, the spellcasting can not be paid for otherwise). If the remaining non-item wealth left is at or below the limit, the penalty no longer applies.

Description: Young Gendwar Argrim (GEND-war AHR-grihm) was traveling to his apprenticeship in another clan when his home clan was wiped out by an invasion of orcs and giants. Because of the distance between the clans, he didn’t find out about it for a year. When he did hear the news, he abandoned his apprenticeship as a silversmith and swore to keep no wealth and take no wife until every foe of dwarvenkind was slain. Fully expecting to be slain long before he had a chance to complete his goal, Gendwar instead experienced remarkable success and eventually achieved godhood (after a quest in which he slew a divine-descended fire giant and her minions) with the help of Clanggedin Silverbeard, dwarven god of war and battle. Gendwar is the epitome of the stereotypical dwarf: dour, taciturn, and focused on the destruction of evil humanoids. His appearance is unremarkable except for his sandy blonde hair and beard. His dwarven waraxe, Forgotten Hope, screams every time a dwarven community is attacked. His symbol is a waraxe bearing the dwarven rune for destruction. “The only hope the dwarven race has to survive is if its enemies are utterly destroyed. Focus on their destruction. They breed faster than the True Folk and spawn ten times our numbers within one dwarven generation. Honor, glory, wealth, and love are all meaningless and trivial while the future of the dwarves is at stake. Focus on their salvation. Commit yourself to the task of destroying the enemies of the dwarves, and expect to die in battle, but make your death cost a thousand enemies their own. If the dwarves survive only in song and legend, ours will be an empty legacy.” Gendwar’s clerics seek out and destroy evil humanoids, preferably those that threaten dwarven settlements. They train warriors in the best tactics against traditional dwarven foes, search for vulnerabilities in new enemies, and fortify dwarven clans against attacks. They adventure to unearth pockets of dwarven enemies and to discover dwarven weapons and artifacts useful in their fight.

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Gendwar Argrim

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