Gem of the Flanaess

Nestled in a river valley near the geographic center of the Flanaess, the City of Greyhawk is perfectly suited for trade coming from the Nyr Dyv to the north and Woolly Bay to the south. Here the rich and the poor share the same outer walls, though their worlds are divided into separate cities, new and old. Coin from as far away as Blackmoor changes hands in the city’s markets, and the opulent mansions on the hill overlooking the city attest to the wealth generated by its markets. Wealth extracted from the nearby Cairn Hills, once filled with riches left by dying civilizations, bankrolled the city’s walls and many of its opulent towers and gardens. Though most of this wealth has been plundered, the city remains a pilgrimage point for those wishing to plumb the depths of ancient tombs in hopes of finding some priceless lost bauble. All this trade and industry brings artisans and adventurers. It also breeds a brand of thieves that has given Greyhawk a reputation for shadowed villainy that spans the entire Flanaess.

City Walls of Greyhawk
City Gates of Greyhawk

Districts within the Free City of Greyhawk:

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The Near Domain
The “near Domain” is that land immediately around the City of Greyhawk itself, within a distance of roughly 3 leagues (9-10 miles. This area is administered directly by the city and is carefully patrolled. The near domain includes a number of hamlets and farms, but no known major monster lairs all of this region drains into the Selintan River, which winds southwestward from the city. The soil is not very fertile having been over-farmed for centuries. The land is owned by Greyhawk and leased to farmers and herders for reasonable annual sums. Hunting is fairly good even close to the city, with wild deer, boar, and game birds in profusion.

Locations within the Near Domain of Greyhawk:

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Gem of the Flanaess

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