Gai Hur

This singular formation resembles an enormous column of rock rising from the desert floor. No one knows it s origin. Perhaps it is a natural formation or the remnants of some mysterious Sulmish monument.

Named “Sky Peak” in ancient Flan, this roughly hewn monstrous stone pinnacle is a vital landmark for those travelling the Bright’s eastern reaches. Each spring and fall equinox, the hueleneaer once gathered here to feast talk and make decision about issues that affect their race as a whole. These events were grand affairs, with thousands of centaurs gathered, clad in colorful finery, engaging in races, archery contests, songs dances and feats of skill. Strangers were welcome at these events and friendly human nomads attended often. Visitors were required to surrender all weapons, however, and acts of bloodletting were strictly forbidden, although occasional fistfights and wrestling matches were common.

Things remained this way until one such meeting ended in tragedy in 592 CY. Surprised and encircled by a strong force of nomads and norkers, the gathered centaurs were convinced to parley with their enemies. After the failure of several hours of negotiation with Lord Robilar (who hoped to bring them peaceably into the empire) ended in stalemate, the two sides set to fighting. Several hundred centaurs died attempting to break free of Robilar’s army. Those deaths and the reported presence of several unnatural yugoloths on the battlefield strengthened the centaurs’ resolve to resist Rary and his machinations.

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Gai Hur

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