The Archer, Lord of the Wildwood

Symbol: A burning bootprint
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Independence, Outlawry, Feasting, Hunting
Core Worshipers: Elves
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Plant.
Favored Weapon: Longbow (m)

Description: Gadhelyn (Gad-THEL-en) the Archer is an old name in elven mythology. Once part of the traditional Fey Mysteries, he is now largely forgotten by the elf-kindreds, save among the grugach. To these wild elves of the Flanaess he remains a potent and heroic figure appearing as a sharp-featured elf with long, yellow hair and bright green eyes. He
is attired in rough garb of hide and fur, the color of which varies according to the season. His symbol is a leaf-shaped arrowhead.

Gadhelyn is the ideal of the noble outlaw, with a court of unruly but loyal subjects. He recognizes no value in family lineage, but admires only individual skill and merit. He delights in discomfiting the high-born, but is known to show generosity to those in genuine need – if the mood strikes him. One or two Knights of Luna are thought to be sympathetic to the Lord of the Wildwood, but otherwise he finds little favor among the members of the Grand Court of Celene.

“Rejoice in the springtime, make merry in the summer, feast in the autumn, and dream in winter’s shadow. At the court of the Lord of the Wildwood, knights are knaves and the rude are royal. Let all who would enter the forest bring a gift to the Lord of the Wildwood; but beware, if it is not pleasing, he shall take what he will in its stead. When the first arrow strikes the heart, it is a noble wound; when a second must be shot, it is fitting that the hunter should become the hunted.”

Gadhelyn has many druids in his service, though very few of them participate in the hierarchy of the Old Faith. His worshippers are most commonly grugach, but also include a number of wood elves, and even a few half-elves and humans revere him and participate in his festivals. His followers are the bane of wealthy travelers in the woodlands, but they are truly dangerous only if attacked, or if their forests are despoiled.

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