Free Reavers' Lands

The southernmost Horned Lands are generally home to many marauding, free bandit-types, but the psychopathic, vile Free Reavers rule an area some 20 miles around their home of Smokewall Castle. The leader of the Free Reavers is the sadistic Shairn Vel Valunar (CE male human Fighter L14) with a powerful magical sword which has limited wish powers. Shairn is smart enough to protect herself with that potent magic and those who serve her are smart enough to recognize that fact, for all their chaotic and brutal nature. The priest Ehldern Bloodspitter (CE male human Priest of Eyrthnul L10) is another notable Free Reaver, a man of utter depravity and mindless sadism.

The Free Reavers currently ally with Iuz, raiding into the Bandit Lands, hunting in the Shield Lands and, rarely, the Fellreev Forest. They actually hold Iuz’s priests in contempt, just as they did the Hierarchs, but since Iuz’s priests simply direct, rather than restrict, their raiding, the Free Reavers go along with them, for the time being at least.

The Reavers’ lands are virtually devoid of any living folk. Patrolled by their henchmen, these estates are barren, wretched lands avoided by anyone who knows of their rulers.

Carl Sargent. Greyhawk Adventures, Iuz the Evil, 1993

The Horned Lands

Free Reavers' Lands

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