Fort Whiterock

This isolated outpost was built on the ruins of an ancient Sulmish fortress, and today houses a garrison of Rary’s troops. A recent nomad assault on the position ended in catastrophe for the attackers when they discovered that Rary was in the fortress aiding its defenders. Since then, local nomads have sworn loyalty to the Bright Lands and caused little trouble.

The fort gained its name from the white granite of its walls, strengthened by the combined labor of Rary’s norkers and summoned yugoloth.

Fort Whiterock wards the eastern portions of the Bright Lands. It was from here that Robilar campaigned against the hueleneaer at Gai Hur. Centaurs frequently siege this isolated outpost, which was built over the ruins of an ancient white-walled Sulmish citadel. The seneschal, Captain Zhora (NE female human Fighter L9), formerly served in Greyhawk City’s guard and is a wily tactician. Under her leadership these sporadic attacks have been defeated with little loss. Many pits and ditches litter the surrounding dunes, bearing mute testimony to the near-constant warfare swirling about the fortress.

Whiterock’s importance has grown with the expansion of Rary’s hegemony into surrounding lands. More than 400 nomads and mercenary crossbowmen garrison the fort, which has been enlarged several times in the past few years. Deep artesian wells provide fresh water and newly hewn subterranean storage vaults render the fortress nearly invulnerable to the centaurs’ lackluster sieges.

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Fort Whiterock

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