Five Blades of Corusk

The Five Blades of Corusk are ancient magical swords created to function most powerfully as a group. Their power depends upon who wields them and how many of the blades are together in one place at one time. All the blades are resistant to magical scrying. They do not confer this protection on their wielders.

Legends say that when the Blades of Corusk are brought together in ritual, they can be used to awaken the Great God of the north, Vatun. The swords are the only way to awaken the Great God. United, they can also be used to defeat anyone who wrongly profess to be The Great God.

The Blades:

Transcendent Properties: When Blades are together, their powers are greater than when they are apart. Powers which spring from a combining of the swords are called transcendent properties.

Prior to the Greyhawk Wars: The blades were finally located in 582 CY, when a band of barbarian heroes reunited the legendary Blades of Corusk. The mage Karasten Meldraith (N male human Wizard L10) arranged them in an alternating pattern, uncovering a spell hidden in the runes of the blades. Before he could finish reading the spell that would awaken the lost god Vatun, however, Iuz manifested in Vatun’s guise, scattering the blades to the four corners of the world. The whole episode had been a set-up by the clever Fiend of the North. With a guileful tongue, Iuz convinced the rulers of the Fruztii, Schnai, and Cruski, and the raiders of the Hold of Stonefist, that he was the Great God returned. At his direction, the Fists invaded the Duchy of Tenh, decimating its armies and driving the Duke and Duchess to exile in the County of Urnst.

Five Blades of Corusk

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