Fish Town

This district of the old town stretches along the Great Wall Large swaths of Fish Town are given over to huge warehouse – easily enough to accommodate the volume of goods passing through the port. Fish Town is the poorest section of Hardby town. While it is a quarter of ramshackle shacks, small rustic tenements and makeshift huts, it is by no means a crime laden slum. The area is crammed with fish and meat salters and packers, boatwrights, net makers, rope makers, and fishermen. As a result, it reeks of fish and is populated by hordes of cats and seagulls. Cats are considered lucky here, and to harm one is to incite the ire of the locals.

The people of Fish Town work hard to put food on their tables and keep the roofs over their heads, and have a strong sense of community. The Fishfolk, as they are called, look out for each other and their neighborhood, lending each other a helping hand when in times of need. Fish Town is also the home to some of the shipworking industries.

10. Shipwright’s Guildhall: The Shipwright’s Guildhall is an exquisitely crafted wooden structure built, like many of the Guild’s vessels, from the finest Gnarley oak. The guildmaster is Harvan Lhoral (N male human Expert L9), a local man and master shipwright. The guild’s members have the monopoly on all shipbuilding, large and small, in the city and its hinterlands. Thus, they have no small measure of power over Hardby’s economy. The city’s shipwrights are known for their quality work, and they attract contracts from as far away as Greyhawk City and even Dyvers.

11. The Bonded Barrel Ghetto: This warren of warehouses in the center of Fish Town has been derelict for almost a decade, since its owners went bankrupt. The warehouses have Income a ghetto, populated by many of Hardby’s poor who cram themselves into tiny huts and shanties. These hovels are often stacked precariously on top of each other, forming a teeming indoor slum riddled with narrow, twisting crawl spaces and perilous gantries and bridges. Of late the ghetto has been terrorized by a spate of random murders and disappearances. There is widespread suspicion that the Trade Council is trying to clear the ghetto by terrorizing die squatters into leaving. Other tales speak of a huge bat-like creature that stalks the ghetto, leaving death in its wake.

12. Taremann Norne Warehouses: Taremann Nome (NE male human Rogue L6) is a one of the wealthier men in Hardby owning a number of large warehouses in Fishtown. Fabulously greedy and none too wise, his business and his wealth depend on being able to charge high fees for the use of his warehouses. Since the slump in trade after the Greyhawk Wars has meant that there is more warehousing than cargo, Nome has felt the pinch. He has unsuccessfully lobbied (bribed) the Trade Council to allow the conversion of some of the excess warehouses into houses or shops. Recently, he has employed a number of locals of questionable character to act as night watchmen in his premises, and there is speculation that Nome is engaging in some illicit sidelines to bolster his fortunes.

Other Warehouses: Hardby has more than enough large warehouses to take care of any cargo needs. These rather large buildings are warehouses for the many incoming and outgoing goods from Hardby. They are also used to store grain and other agricultural goods. The odd numbered buildings are owned by members of the Longshoreman’s guild while the even numbered warehouses are owned by Sailor’s guild members. In fact, some of the warehouse owners are converting some of their buildings to other businesses just to make storage space more scarce in the city, hoping to raise the rent. So far, the council of Hardby is opposed to such an action.

Other Locations in Fish Town:
27. The Lucky Die, Temple of Norebo: Tucked away from prying eyes and the temperamental priestesses of Wee Jas, the Lucky Die temple of Norebo has developed quite a following with wharf rats, scoundrels, gamblers, and all sorts of troublemakers in Hardby. The temple has a gaming night on Earthday that attracts gamblers from all over the city, even the ritzy North End district. While the priestesses of Wee Jas have publicly frowned on ribald comments of the priests, some of the younger priestesses have taken priests of Norebo as paramours.

Cooper: Yesek Tosk (NG male human L0) is the master barrel maker of Hardby. He is a friendly soul who loves his work and considers it an art form. Not only are his barrels used for generic storage, but his use of various hard and soft woods for wine, ale and whiskey casks have made him one of the most popular coopersmiths in the brewing community of the Flanaess.

Sailwright: This large building houses the Hardby sailmaking industry. A good number of fisherfolk find work here, as it is one of the two major industries that finds its home in Fish Town.

Tailor: A small shack is the home of Andra Seldig (LG female human Cleric of Bralm L3), a rather fine seamstress. While most of her work is in crafting and repairing the apparel of the people of Fish Town, people from throughout the city come to her for handywork. In fact, she has crafted several fine dresses for the new Gynarch. Rowanne uses a good deal of the money she earns to help the other members of the Fish Town community.

Boo’s Fish: Boo (LN female human Fighter L2) is a brusque, ascerbic fellow, and an excellent fishmonger whose selections are as fresh as he is. Below his sarcastic exterior, though, is a culinary genius who always has a recommendation about how his fish should be cooked and what beverage it should be served with. Many of the spices he recommends are available for sale in his shop. Boo is a member of the Longshoreman’s Guild.

Hardby Fishmarket: Ti Loradine (CG female human Cleric of Osprem L1) is a widow in her forties that owns Hardby Fishmarket. While Boo owns his own fishing boats and traps, Ti sells the fish caught by many of the smaller fishermen in town. Her market has very reasonable prices, and an excellent selection (especially of shellfish), but she does not clean the fish or sell spices like Boo. Ti is a devoted member of the church of Osprem and a respected member of the Sailor’s Guild.

Saltworks: After fishing, the Saltworks are the largest source of employment in Fish Town. The Saltworks harnesses the power of the sun, the heat of the geothermal springs, and a little bit of magic to extract salt from bay water. The current Saltmaster is a mage by the name of Silfen al Dil (LN male human Mage L6) a Ketite wizard who trained under the previous owner. Silfen and all of his employees are members of the Farmers and Spice Merchant’s Guild.

Smokehouse: The Hardby Smokehouse is a cluster of small buildings used to smoke fish and meats. The smokehouse is managed and operated by the Hunter and Trapper’s Guild, and all members have free access to the smokehouse to smoke meats. The citizens of Hardby can have their meats and fish smoked for a nominal fee (1 cp per 10 pounds). The Smokehouse also operates a small restaurant which serves excellent smoked venison.

The Fish Town Warehouse: This rather spacious pub has the appearance of a small warehouse with a large sliding door to the street and a bar and tables made from old crates. It has a large following with warehouse and dockworkers, but its unique appearance also attracts tourists, who tend to get a “special” (higher) rate on their ale.

The Cliffside: This pub is a gathering place for the people of Fish Town. Strangers are welcome, but often get wary looks from the locals. The Cliffside is a bit of a dive, but has good food and drink at a reasonable price.

The River’s End: This exceptionally fine inn (for Fish Town) is at the end of the great River Road from Greyhawk. While expensive (three times the standard cost), its rates are less than those of it’s neighbor, The Southern Point. The owners are friendly and treat their guests very well.

The East Hardby Bed and Breakfast: This is a rather plush, cozy inn. Unlike most inns, it does not have its own tavern, though it has a dining room where breakfast and dinner are served. As such, it is the resting place for devote pilgrims and other temperate individuals. Some newlywed couples stay here on their wedding night as well, as it is considered a rather romantic locale. The owner is Atlana Hochen, a priestess of Myhriss (LG female human Cleric of Myhriss L3).

Hardby Jail: Flanked by two guard towers and a tall wall, the Hardby Jail stands near the southern gate of the Great Wall. There are 15 criminals currently housed for a variety of minor offenses. Major felons are usually executed swiftly, preventing overcrowding.


Fish Town

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