Fiends in Aerdy

There is ample reason the malachite throne is known as the “Fiend-seeing Throne.” The throne which the Naelax overkings have ascended was crafted between 443 and 446 CY from a great crystal chunk found in the Cauldron of Night. The throne itself, fashioned by mages and priests, has magical properties. Its abilities include providing a gate to the Nine Hells.

Since Prince Ivid himself was an accomplished mage who had conversed with fiends and considered long and hard how to deal with them and use them for his own ends, when he ascended to the throne it was a perfect match. A complex web of intrigues has spread out, with the hunched madman on his throne firmly ensconced in the center.

Other Fiendish Alliances
No other rulers or powerful men within Aerdy have alliances with such mighty fiends, but many of them have fiends in their service, usually lesser or least fiends which swell the ranks of armies.

There are also some unusual, exceptional cases – such as the fiend-sage of Rel Astra – which are described in individual gazetteer chapters. These fiends are usually dilettantes and mavericks, and their actions do not link Oerth to any greater scheme of things in the Blood War.

The Former Great Kingdom of Aerdy

Fiends in Aerdy

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