Dweller on the Horizon
Intermediate Power of the Prime Material Plane

Symbol: Wooden disk bearing a curved line with an upturned crescent above
Home Plane: Prime Material Plane/Oerth
Alignment: Neutral (NG)
Portfolio: Horizons, distance, travel, roads
Alias: none
Superior: none
Allies: Atroa, Celestian, Lydia, Brandobaris, Keoghtom, Charmalaine, Murlynd, Olidammara, Heward, and Aasterinian.
Core Worshipers: Humans, Oeridians
Worshipers: Bards, travelers, merchants
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
Domains: Celerity* (CD), Luck, Protection, Travel, Weather* (CD).
Favored Weapon: Traveler’s Friend (+5 defending quarterstaff/ +5 speed quarterstaff)

Description: Fharlanghn (far-LAHNG-un), the deity of roads, is shown as an elderly, weather-beaten man with leathery, wrinkled skin and young-seeming bright green eyes. Brother of the Oeridian god Celestian, he is on amiable terms with nonevil earth gods and several nature gods, and is sometimes tied to Atroa. His symbol is a wooden disc carved with the curved line of the horizon, and he carries a magical version of this symbol called the Oerth Disc. He is the patron of those who walk or ride long distances (including travelers in tunnels, and as such is praised by those who must use mountain passes or travel the Underdark).

He wears nondescript clothing, usually of leather and unbleached linen. His garments are always travel-stained, but seldom dirty. His movements appear slow and methodical, but he’s actually very spry. He roams the roads and paths of the Material Plane, greeting fellow travelers politely. Fharlanghn is always glad to converse, but not at any great length.

Fharlanghn is the patron of all who travel long distances, no matter what path they follow or how they’re getting there. Fharlanghn insists that people need to move around and experience new things. The state of world is not fixed, and you never know when you might need a new perspective or even a new home. Look to the horizon for inspiration.

“People need to move about and see new things. Be open to travel, as the world may change overnight and you may be in need of a new home or perspective. Look to the horizon for inspiration – the far end of the world has new peoples, new cultures, new magic, and new roads to walk.”

Clergy and Temples
The church is comprised of wandering clerics (who favor green and minister to those on the roads) and settled clerics (who favor brown and are usually older clerics whose wandering days are behind them). Clerics of Fharlanghn are encouraged to travel the world and see new things. Fharlanghn’s priesthood is most active in the Central and Southwestern Flanaess.

There are two sorts of priests: urban and pastoral. Urban priests wear brown robes and maintain small chapels in towns and cities. Pastoral priests wear green robes. They favor simple clothing of brown or faded green. They bless caravans (and sometimes guide them), explore new territories, scout for armies and settlers, and record long travelogues describing journeys beyond the horizon. Because they learn many languages and cultures, they also serve as translators and diplomats. Many serve as surveyors or engineers and help build roads, bridges, and ports. Still others are involved in the manufacture of traveling gear, everything from shoes (a pair of shoes made by one of his clerics is held to last longer than any other) to sailing ships.

No matter what their activities, Fharlanghn’s clerics move around frequently, and a character who visits a shrine or temple more than once is likely to meet a different group of clerics there each time. All clerics of Fharlanghn have an acute sense of direction when wandering the outdoors. Fharlanghn’s wayside shrines are common on well-used roads. His temples usually double as rest stops for travelers in need of shelter or protection.

Cleric Training: “The road is the best teacher,” say the worshipers of Fharlanghn. A higher-level cleric takes a half-dozen or so recruits on a long journey, where they’ll help fellow travelers, see the wider world, and take part in any number of misadventures. The only way to flunk out of Fharlanghn’s training is to ask when the journey will be over-those faithful to Fharlanghn know that the journey never ends.

Quests: Any quest involving long journeys can involve Fharlanghn as well. His followers often guard caravans, explore mysterious islands, and maintain a series of portals between worlds.

Prayers: Fharlanghn teaches lessons through short anecdotes, many of which feature a wise old man traveling with a foolish young man. There are more than a hundred stories that involve the two of them crossing a river, for example.

Temples: Fharlanghn doesn’t have many large temples, but wayside shrines to him are common. At major crossroads and port cities, shrines to Fharlanghn provide fast horses and sturdy sailing ships.

Rites: Because his followers are often on the move, Fharlanghn’s rites are often short and to the point. The faithful of Fharlanghn rely on the ceremonies of allied deities for such things as biths, marriages and funerals. His services are usually held outdoors, preferably beneath a sunny sky, with the horizon in view.

Eternal Pilgrimage: After spending an entire year preparing themselves by walking outdoors for 8 hours a day, a worshipper of Fharlanghn may elect to undergo the Eternal Pilgrimage. The Eternal Pilgrimage has no set time limit, direction, or length. It lasts as long as the pilgrim feels is appropriate. The pilgrim must only travel by walking, and may not visit the same location more than once a day. They offer company to lonely travelers and always share their fires with strangers. Those bandits who would take advantage of the pilgrims’ friendly reputation to pose as one of them usually vanish, only bloodstained robes hanging from nooses by the side of the road remaining as evidence of the vengeance of the faithful.

Herald and Allies: Fharlanghn uses 17 HD ghaele eladrins as his heralds. Allies are Medium elementals (any), Large elementals (any), and elder arrowhawks.

Relics: Boots of the unending journey, rapier of unerring direction.

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