Farmsteads of the Gnarley Forest

Every building, whether single-room hut, cozy cottage, or two-story house, is made out of wood. Some smaller buildings are shingled with leaves, but most use wood here as well.

Those settlers who have chosen to live here survive by gathering mushrooms, berries, fruit, tubers, and other bounty of the forest, as well as by hunting the venison and rabbit so common here, or snatching the trout from the clear, shallow streams. All in all, the living is good, for the woods are bountiful.

A typical steading is a cluster of buildings in the shade of several stately trees. A space perhaps 100-200 feet wide has been cleared of forest, a belt of tilled ground around the buildings. Freshwater, in the form of a well or stream, Is always near. A sanitary hut stands a discreet distance from the occupied buildings.

These forest folk often have a pack of dogs about, 2d4 hounds of good size and keen intelligence. Not only do the dogs aid in the hunt, but they serve as alert guardians of the steading and able fighters, should its defense become necessary.

Those woodsmen who have lived here for a while are skilled in the use of the bow, in tracking, and camouflage. A typical fellow of 37 years of age has reached 5th level of ranger ability. He has a long bow, leather armor, and plenty of arrows at hand. For a sidearm he carries a short sword, dagger, or throwing axe.

The woodsfolk are poor, generally having little more than a few silver pieces stored away in some homemade box. There are exceptions to this rule. Adventurers who know a bit of woodcraft, and find themselves in trouble with the powers of the Free City, often move to the woods for a few years of private living. Of course, they bring their accumulated treasures with them. And protect those treasures accordingly, it must be added.

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Gnarley Forest

Farmsteads of the Gnarley Forest

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