The Night Dragon
Lesser Power of the Tarterian Depths of Carceri

Symbol: A Draconic skull
Home Plane: Carceri/Minethys (Mausoleum of Pain)
Alignment: Neutral evil
Portfolio: Energy Draining, Undeath, Decay, Exhaustion
Superior: Io
Alias: Null
Core Worshipers: Dragons
Worshipers: Necromancers, shadow dragons and undead dragons
Cleric Alignments: N, LE, NE, CE
Domains: Death, Destruction, Dragon* (Dr), Evil, Pestilence* (CD).
Favored Weapon: +1 ghost touch scimitar or claw

Description: The terrifying Night Dragon, Falazure, is the lord of energy draining, undeath, decay, and exhaustion. Some claim he has a decaying skeletal form, but others believe that he looks like a decrepit black dragon whose flesh is pulled tight over his bones.

Dogma: Falazure teaches that even a dragon’s long life span need not be the limit to a dragon’s existence. Beyond the world of the living is another realm, one of undeath eternal. It is generally accepted that Falazure created (or had a hand in the creation of) the first undead dragons, such as dracoliches, vampiric dragons, and ghostly dragons.

Clergy: Among the draconic gods, perhaps only Bahamut and Tiamat have more nondragon worshipers than Falazure. Many necromancers of all races revere the Night Dragon, as well as intelligent undead such as liches and, especially, dracoliches. Temples to Falazure are always deep beneath the earth, cloaked in darkness and far from the sun and fresh air of the surface world. The followers of Falazure count all members of good-aligned faiths as their enemies. The may occasionally ally with Nerull, but such instances are rare.

Quests: Falazure’s quests revolve around the transformation from a living creature to undead status. Sometimes a follower is sent to aid another dragonblood’s transformation, but more often a quest involves the follower’s own change to an undead creature.

Prayers: Devout worshipers of Falazure pray every evening and midnight to honor the Night Dragon. Their prayers celebrate death and decay. For example, “When night comes, let me wake from the sleep,” or “Let me die and be reborn in undeath.”

Temples: Temples to Falazure are always deep beneath the earth, cloaked in darkness and far from the sun and fresh air of the surface world.

Rites: The rites of Falazure focus on the undead. The ceremonies involve either raising up undead minions or working toward transforming oneself into a powerful undead.

Herald and Allies: The most common herald Falazure uses is a 16thlevel half-black dragon necromancer. His allies include dragons, half-dragons, and draconic creatures, usually skillful clerics or necromancers. If you are using Draconomicon, his herald is a vampiric black dragon. His allies include undead dragons of all sorts such as ghostly dragons, skeletal dragons, and zombie dragons

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