Encampment of Rosco Two-Finger

Rosco Two-Finger (CN male human Fighter L7/Rogue L9) is an exception to the general state of law and order existing in the Cairn Hills. This bandit was formerly a high-ranking member of the Thieves’ Guild of the Free City. Following his own treachery there, he exiled himself to a life as a mercenary. Rosco has gathered a band about him and laid claim to these grounds so close to his native city.

Rosco is at heart a vain and social creature, hence his lair is close to Greyhawk. He has some skill at disguise, and often enters that city to enjoy its nightlife, cultural events, or festivals. Should a high-ranking member of the Thieves’ Guild recognize him, however, his life would immediately be forfeit. Thus, he takes great care with his disguises and never appears in the same one twice. He rules his camp with a military rigidity that keeps his ragged band very well in line. His two lieutenants, Kressic (CN male human Mage L6) and Desero (LE female human Priestess of Nerull L8) help him maintain this order.

The bandit encampment is located in a small hollow in the top of a high, steep-sided hill. The entrance to the camp is actually a narrow crack leading into a concealed cave at the bottom of the hill. From here a long tunnel spirals upward through the middle of the hill. Rosco’s band, which is mostly male, lives in a series of sturdy cabins in this hollow.

A small herd of sheep and goats provide food and wool, but most of the things they need are stolen or purchased with stolen loot.

The buildings are cleverly camouflaged so that any mage or other observer who might be flying overhead sees only a few ragged shacks and a muddy sheep pen, not unlike a score of other shepherd’s hovels among the hills.

Rosco’s activities are so subtle that the watch does not yet know that there is a bandit group in the hills. His victims are often kidnapped and freed for ransom, with threat of death should they ever involve the authorities. Following a report of an orc band marauding
far to the south, he massacred a caravan of great wealth and managed to make the attack look like the work of the demihumans.

Encampment of Rosco Two-Finger

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