Eastfair, The Granite City

Eastfair is a walled city built from the same granite that can be found around the headwaters of the Flanmi near the huge underground aquifers and water tables. The city lies almost at the end of the Windmarch as it turns north from Orred, and the traditional Brewfest Great Fair is a week-long orgy of self-indulgence and debauchery. From Eastfair northward, a number of minor villages hold Windfair trade fairs later in the year, but these have now declined in importance as trade has dwindled.

Notable Locations in Eastfair

Eastfair is not what it appears to be. The city seems hard, stark, stern in its cloak of granite walls. The city has an air of discipline (rulership level is high), and the town guard and detachments of the Rakersmen (elite troops of North Kingdom) maintain excellent public order. While it has a reputation for urbanity, ordinary folk in the city work hard. The streets are clean, and there are no dingy Thieves’ Quarters or filthy slums to offend the eye.

However, Eastfair has always attracted the most debauched and degenerate nobility and merchants of the North Kingdom. The merchants have only city-based guilds in North Kingdom (the Royal Guild of Merchants having no license to operate or organize here), and Eastfair is the city which draws the wealthiest. Goods always have been expensive here. Thus, Eastfair attracts wealth. These riches are either inherited, or else obtained by the best merchants—that is, the most unscrupulous, swindling, money-grabbing ones. Given this, it is not surprising that Eastfair’s rich like to spend their money on depraved and immoral activities.

Nonetheless, Eastfair has a considerable number of truly exceptional craftsmen and artisans within its city walls. Their number has been swollen by people seeking refuge in the Granite City from more troubled lands and cities. Now, truly, Eastfair is a city where one can buy almost anything – if one has almost limitless supplies of gold.

Threats to Security
Despite the general atmosphere of firm control, Eastfair has its problems. One which it does not have is thieves – or, at least, not in any great number. The penalties for thievery are very stern. Theft of goods above 500 gp value means execution here, and even for a theft above 25 gp, the minimum sentence is two years imprisonment. Thus, despite the presence of abundant rich pickings, thieves are few and far between. Only a handful of very skilled solitary operators are to be found here, not any formal thieves’ guild.

One major problem arises from the presence of the Euroz “Angry Army,” as they style themselves. The orcs are often drunk, chafing at their having to live behind city walls, and their own leaders cannot maintain discipline that well. The location key below details the orcs here. The other major problem is far more unusual. The Web has two cells of spies acting independently here. One cell, of five people led by Cronkarn Elsoet (LE male human Wizard L9), received as its last set of orders from Rauxes an urgent need to infiltrate and round up an anti-imperial group which specialized in “magical subversion” (controlling important townsfolk by charm, hypnotism, etc.). Magical control was said to be used to sabotage Eastfair’s city defenses, such as the Great Gate and the city walls. The infiltration strategy used by this cell called for magical sabotage against precisely those city defenses, in an attempt to flush out the real subversives.

The second cell, led by Petrella Huisarn (LE female human Wizard L9), received garbled instructions to flush out an anti-imperial group which was directly employing sabotage against Eastfair’s city defenses. Their strategy has been to charm and hypnotize (etc.) city servants connected with the integrity of the city’s defenses, in an attempt to gain inside knowledge of these subversive actions and track down those responsible.

The actual truth is that there are no anti-imperial subversives trying to sabotage Eastfair, but the two cells are committing magical crimes which convince the other cell that there are, indeed, dangerous subversives at work. To date, neither cell has managed to track down members of the other cell, so they continue their own sabotages. In addition, they occasionally use kidnap and extortion, or robbery, to maintain finances (since no monies have been forthcoming from Rauxes for a long time).

The authorities in Eastfair are mystified. What magical scrying they can bring to bear on the matter has yielded no information (since cell members are protected against magical discovery).

Undercity: Eastfair has no undercity of note. There is no need for sewers; latrines and privies either have small shafts cut down to the water tables, or else waste is collected in pails and buckets and dumped down a small number of communal-use sinkholes leading to the aquifers. Visitors are advised not to mistake such dumping-chutes for wells.

Principality of Eastfair

Eastfair, The Granite City

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