Earth Dragon

Wyrm of the Hills, Earth Lord, Serpent of Stone

Symbol: A coiled dragon
Home Plane:
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Earth, Weather, Hidden Treasures
Core Worshipers: Humans and Evil Humanoids
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Earth, Evil, Law, Protection, Weather* (CD).
Favored Weapon: Heavy pick (m) or light pick (m)

Description: The Earth Dragon is an ancient deity of the Flanaess, a remnant of an era when spirits of nature were worshipped as gods. Unlike most of the gods of Greyhawk, the Earth Dragon is not a part of a sophisticated theology. It is just the spirit of Mount Drachenkopf, although it long ago spread its influence to all of the Drachensgrab Hills. Worship of the Earth Dragon is limited to a relatively small geographic area where its power is strongest. Its relationship to its worshippers hearkens back to a simpler time. In return for obeisance and sacrifice, the Earth Dragon protects its worshippers from harm and makes them prosperous. But it can also be an angry god, and it destroys as easily as it creates. The Earth Dragon’s domain is beneath Mount Drachenkopf. Legend says it lives in an expansive underground lair avoided by all the subterranean races. The temple of Mount Drachenkopf has a shaft of unknown depth that is used to drop sacrifices down into the god’s realm. The magic of the shaft transports victims safely to its lair, where the god devours them. The Earth Dragon most commonly manifests its power as an avalanche to indicate the god’s displeasure. It also may cause avalanches, rains of stone, and rarely, volcanic eruptions. The Earth Dragon may manifest itself as a mottled serpent or a gargantuan dragon formed of variegated stone laces with precious ores. The forces of Turrosh Mak have built many shrines and small temples throughout the Pomarj and the southern Wild Coast. “The Earth Dragon provides. The great god is the spirit of the earth, and those who worship and obey it will be protected. The Earth Dragon knows all the secrets of the land, and favors its chosen with knowledge and power. Those who worship, sacrifice, and spread the faith please the god.” Worship is offered in the temples each Earthday, and important sacrifices are made in the third wheel of each month. Originally the Earth Dragon had no particular festival, but now it is honored during the week of Growfest. Since the rise of Turrosh Mak, Growfest has featured human sacrifices by the hundreds at the Drachenkopf Temple. The derro know and respect the Earth Dragon. Priests of the Earth Dragon wear brown robes embroidered with cloth of gold and gemstones. During ceremonies, they wear the bronzed skulls of young dragons on their heads.

Gods of the Flanaess

Earth Dragon

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