Dreadwood Preserve

The vast leafy forest known as the Dreadwood stretches between the Azure Coast and the Javan River near the Yeomanry, across southern Keoland. While claimed by the kingdom, it would be presumptuous to call it a true possession of the crown, as scarcely more than a third of its boughs are controlled by allies of the Throne of the Lion and chief among these arc the elves of the wood, who are semi-independent. But there are places in the heart of the dark forest even the elves will not go. More than half of the great expanse is unpatrolled and is widely believed to be the home of bandits, humanoids, and even cultists. Such denizens, as well as the dark history of the place, all contribute to the origin of its name.

Notable Settlements and Locations:

  • Arth, Ruins of
  • The Dreadwood Road
  • Oakenheart
  • Vendare, Ruins of
  • Von Reiklande‚Äôs Tomb

Those small portions of the Dreadwood contained in the Barony of Grayhill and the Duchy of Gradsul, near Sanduchar, are the only ones regularly Jogged and hunted by humanity. Incursions from the Yeomanry across the Javan and into the southwestern wood are still common, but the rest of the southern and central woods, where the thick canopy can often blot out the daytime sun, is virtually trackless. Only stalwart rangers and foolhardy treasure seekers are found here, though not often for very long. The northern woods are held primarily by the elves and their allies. These sylvan inhabitants of the forest have no single leader, but are divided into numerous enclaves, each led by a noble olve, variously called lord, lady, and steward.

As he is the former Baron of Grayhill, the elves of the wood are strong supporters of the current king, Kimbertos Skotti. The Great Druid of the Sheldomar Valley, Reynard Yargrove (N human female Druid of Obad-Hai L14) also makes her home in the forest, though the exact location of her hold is not widely known. While Yargrove makes no formal allegiance to Keoland, she is also on good terms with the king, as both shared a friendship in their youth. Skotti has generally followed her counsel that no further exploration or settlement of the forest should be allowed to proceed given the dangers and dark secrets of the place, which according to legend once swallowed an entire house of the Suel early in the migrations.


Dreadwood Preserve

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