Dock District of Hardby

A broad, cobbled quay runs the length of the waterfront, which is usually forested with the masts of merchantmen of many nations. The cornerstone of Hardby’s economy has been the transit trade in goods between the states around the shores of Relmor Bay and the Azure Sea and the lands of the central Flanaess. Though the Scarlet Brotherhood’s blockade of the Strait of Gearnat has curtailed trade with Keoland and the Iron League, the presence of the Royal Guild of Merchants of Aerdy is looked upon as a good omen for renewed trade with Ahlissa.

A warren of boisterous sailor’s taverns, inns, hostels, and other less reputable premises sprawls along the quay. The narrow streets and fetid back-alleys are dangerous after dark, and Watch patrols are frequent. Drunken brawls are common here, and the district is a hive of criminality.

The Dock District is also home to many of Hardby’s half- ores, Numbering about a thousand, many have lived in Hardby for generations — with most being of Pomarj descent. Consequently, they are more readily trusted and better treated in Hardby than their kin in Safeton, Narwell, or even Greyhawk City.

5. Sign of the Tarnished Idol: The Sign of the Tarnished Idol is a seedy, run-down, keg-house on a back alley close to the waterfront. From the rotting straw on the floor to the makeshift tables, the place is indistinguishable from a score of other dives along the docks, except in one respect. Each midnight, Rughra (CE female half-orc Cleric of Camazotz L5), the uncouth half-orc woman who runs the place, makes all customers pay homage to a tarnished green idol set above what passes for a bar. Most customers, used to the ’’Midnight Service," pay it no mind so long as the ale keeps flowing. Last winter, however, a well-travelled Keolander took one look at the bat-shaped idol before fleeing the tavern in terror. His bloodless body was found two days later, high in the branches of a tree a league outside the city.

6. The Pilots’ Office: The lighthouse at the southern end of the clocks serves as a jail for the watch, a garrison point for the militia, and the headquarters of the Pilots’ Office. While the watch and the Pilots’ Office share the tower itself, the militia are billeted in an adjoining barracks. The Pilots’ Office not only provides pilots to guide ships into port but also inspects and applies tariffs to cargoes landed at the port. Members of the organization also hire themselves out as river pilots, helping low-keeled boats avoid the dangerous shoals of the Selintan on the journey north to Greyhawk, Although these dour and serious bureaucrats remain neutral in political matters, they exert a quiet and extensive influence in the city. The current chief pilot is a half-ore named Corvel Yellowtusk (LN male half orc Expert L6).

7. The Spotted Cow Inn: This hostelry is well known in the Dock District and the city as a whole as one of the best inns in Hardby. Standing on the waterfront at the south end of the docks and conspicuous for its bovine-shaped cow-skin sign, the inn is always packed to the gunwales with sailors, longshoremen, fishermen, and tanners from Fish Town. Inside, however, the place is indistinguishable from a hundred other harborside inns. The new owner, Oremal Thelk (NG male human Expert L4), cannot figure out the cause of his success, but is not complaining. Thelk is only the latest in a string of proprietors, few of whom remain more than two years before selling up, despite the inn’s clear profitability.

8. Danigar’s Pen: One of the most popular tattoo-shops on the Hardby Docks, Danigar’s Pen is run by young wizard of the same name. Danigar (N male half-elf Wizard L7) Is a former apprentice to Oscar Longland (LG male human Wizard L12), brother of Justicar Deirdre Longland. After his master was blinded and maimed at the Siege of Safeton. Danigar was forced to fend more and more for himself, hence the tattoo-shop, Danigar’s Pen offers two services that his competitors cannot. The first is erase spells to remove the names of old sweethearts and mistakes made when Danigar is in his cups — not a rare occurrence. The second is magical tattoos that bestow good fortune upon the bearer. Danigar’s new wife, an Olman woman the wizard returned with from an expedition to the Amedio Jungle in early 593 CY, pens these. Danigar’s assistant is a very fat halfling called Gormadoc (N male halfling Rogue L9), a regular fixture in many of Hardby’s eating establishments.

9. The Great Cranes: These three enormous cranes are the work of members of the Khaladuur Clan of Greysmere and the magic of several Gynarchs. Built in 588 CY, these ingenious constructions allow for the rapid loading and unloading of cargo. Although they have proven popular among merchants and ship’s masters, the Union of Longshoremen has denounced the cranes, saying that they are putting its members out of work,


Dock District of Hardby

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