Dock District of Dyvers

The Dock District is a low-class part of town. Its buildings consist of flophouses, dingy apartments, tiny homes, inns, taverns, brothels, gambling dens, and restaurants that cater to sailors and dockworkers. Almost all of the coastline here is made up of docks and piers, with only a few gaps to allow direct access to the water, such as for beaching damaged or wrecked ships for salvage. The watch makes regular rounds through this district after dark, both to break up fights and to drag drunken or unconscious residents back to their homes.

The westernmost portion of the Dock District is defined by the city wall, which angles nearly a hundred feet into the river. The eastern end is considered Lighthouse Street, which ends at the small lighthouse on the shore. The demarcation between the Dock District and Old Town is Black Street, a wide avenue paved with flat black stones that runs from the west wall’s northern pedestrian gate to its opposite number on the east wall.

Lighthouse: This old lighthouse was renovated in 589 CY with the use of magic and a team of dwarven masons. The lanterns were replaced with continual light spells and a series of mirrors. The lighthouse can be seen up to 30 miles away on a clear night. It is tended by a delegation from the church of Pelor. A pair of rampant statues (a ki-rin and a lion) flank the entrance to the lighthouse.

Yellow Pier: This pier was painted bright yellow a dozen years back, and although most of its original color has faded, the name has stuck. The dockmaster for this section of the docks is an old sea dog named Krankor, who is on the payroll of the Alliance. He is just in it for the money. He cares very little for people in general and even less for uppity folk from Greyhawk. Krankor takes care of docking needs at the Yellow Pier and keeps his ears open for rumors about the Slavers. If shipments for the gang need to be loaded or unloaded with no questions asked, the Yellow Pier is where they are taken. Krankor makes arrangements for the pier to be available and empty when it is needed for this purpose.

Temple of Osprem: Osprem is a relatively benign power that stands guard over those who travel on the sea. With the recent increase in slaving raids on land and on the water, her priests have gained popularity, dispensing blessings to sailors and vessels, and even being hired to accompany voyaging ships. The high priestess of the temple is Shenree, who aspires to join the Gentry of Dyvers by acquiring enough land to qualify for that group. Once in a position of political power, she’ll use her influence to increase the leverage of her church in the city’s workings.


Dock District of Dyvers

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