Dock District of Dyvers

The Dock District is a low-class part of town. Its buildings consist of flophouses, dingy apartments, tiny homes, inns, taverns, brothels, gambling dens, and restaurants that cater to sailors and dockworkers. Almost all of the coastline here is made up of docks and piers, with only a few gaps to allow direct access to the water, such as for beaching damaged or wrecked ships for salvage. The watch makes regular rounds through this district after dark, both to break up fights and to drag drunken or unconscious residents back to their homes.

Notable Locations within the Dock District:

The westernmost portion of the Dock District is defined by the city wall, which angles nearly a hundred feet into the river. The eastern end is considered Lighthouse Street, which ends at the small lighthouse on the shore. The demarcation between the Dock District and Old Town is Black Street, a wide avenue paved with flat black stones that runs from the west wall’s northern pedestrian gate to its opposite number on the east wall.

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Dock District of Dyvers

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