Directing Oligarchy of Greyhawk

The City of Greyhawk and its domain are ruled by a Directing Oligarchy, a group of technically coequal members who head various major interests within the city. The number of Oligarchs (also known as Directors) usually varies between 12 and 18, depending on the political circumstances. Replacement of an Oligarch who dies or retires is not required. If a vacancy in the Oligarchy should be filled, the new Oligarch is chosen by vote of the current Directors. The Oligarchy meets every Starday during the year to cover business relevant to the City, the Domain, and themselves.

The Directing Oligarchy periodically elects a Lord Mayor among its members to lead them. The election of a mayor occurs whenever the old mayor dies, retires, resigns, or fails a no-confidence vote consisting of a two-thirds majority of the Directing Oligarchy. Since 570 CY, Nerof Gasgal has been the Lord Mayor. So far, he has been one of the best.

The Oligarchy is currently (591 CY) at its maximum number of members, but this may change in the next year. Each Director is named and described below, with his or her current age (and apparent age) and areas where that person is most likely to be encountered in the City and Domain of Greyhawk.

Nerof Gasgal+, Lord Mayor and Assistant Guildmaster of Thieves (LN human male Rogue L12; hp 49; Dex 17, Wis 18, Cha16; age 51). Fronts as a concerned businessman but is widely known to be a thief, aims to keep the city running as smoothly as possible and to be remembered as the best mayor in the city’s history; is habitually devious, moderately corrupt, and often ruthless, but well-liked and hard-working; has superb judgment but is not especially bright; enjoys politics, gambling, a high-class life in moderation, and a bit of roguery; wants to be a member of the aristocracy but is snubbed for his vulgar birth, accent, and sources of wealth; close friend of Org Nenshen; dangerous to cross.

Deider Fanshen, City Constable (NG human female Cleric of Pelor L13; hp 51; Dex 4, Con 15, Wis 18, Cha 16; age 52). Plans to retire in 592 CY and work as a legal defender; very active physically but clumsy and awkward; personable, wise, and warm, greatly loved and trusted by many; defends rights of the poor in Greyhawk and is concerned about homeless children in the Old City; dose friend of High Matriarch Sarana of the Temple of Pelor and Jallarzi Sallavarian of the Circle of Eight; unmarried but has a small circle of male “romantic friends.”

Tigran Gellner, Captain-General of the Watch (LN human male Fighter L10; hp 57; Str 17, Dex 15, Int 17, Cha 15; age 46). Very good grasp of strategic considerations involving defense of Domain of Greyhawk; an intellectual commander with large library on military topics; respected by the Greyhawk Militia for his strictness, bluntness, and sense of order; created Mountaineer Militia and Hardby Marines; believes Orcish Empire of the Pomarj is Greyhawk’s greatest external threat; recently married to a cleric of Pholtus.

Org Nenshen+, Guildmaster of the Guild of Thieves (LN human male Rogue L18; hp 58; Dex 18, Int 16, Cha 16; age 52). Very active physically; bright, cheerful, confident, and outgoing; excellent planner, leader, and manager with good grasp of organizational strategy (though he seems reckless); committed to destroying evil cults within the city that threaten his guild; has live-in girlfriend.

Vesparian “Vesper” Lafanel+, Guildmaster of the Guild of Assassins (NE elven male Roguel L11/Wizard L10; hp 58; Dex 17, Con 16, Int 17, Cha 15; age unknown but less than 100 (young)). Conservative, cold, professional, ruthlessly aggressive against perceived enemies of the city, his guild, or himself; does not discuss his past or personal life; greatly dislikes dwarves; an intellectual sociopath feared by many; extremely dangerous to cross.

Kieren Jalucian, Guildmaster of the Guild of Wizardry, Principal of the Greyhawk University of Magical Arts (NG human male Wizard L18; hp 42; Str 17, Int 8, Wis 17, Cha 17; age unknown but over 100 (35)). Strong and handsome in appearance; one of the few true archmages in Greyhawk; rarely acts in Oligarchy, usually listens and offers opinions only on magic-related topics; friendly and wise; romantically interested in Jallarzi Sallavarian of the Circle of Eight.

Torrentz Hebvard, President of the Society of Magi (LN human male Wizard L10; hp 32; Int 18; age 81 (49)). Perhaps the most politically active wizard in Greyhawk; strong advocate of political neutrality and nonintervention in foreign wars or governments; opposes Nyrond in many matters, but fears and hates the United Kingdom of Ahlissa; active physically and widely known as an adventurer; recently married to a minor but rich cleric of Zilchus.

Ravel Dasinder, Patriarch of Boccob (N male human, Cleric of Boccob L18; hp 72; Dex 15, Con 15, Int 16, Wis 18; age 73). Speaks little and slowly, seems very uninvolved in discussions; unrivaled divination ability and knowledge of future events and trends; close ally of Mordenkainen of the Circle of Eight; personal life unknown; hates aggression and haste, but accepts deviousness; concerned only with the security of Greyhawk.

Stakaster Villaine, Patriarch of Zilchus (N human male Cleric of Zilchus L11; hp 47; Int 16,Wis 16, Cha 17; age 54). Master of financial planning and economic projections; heavily relied upon by many in government and trade; superb speaker and teacher but basically quiet and an introvert; widower.

Eritai Kaan-Ipzirel, Matriarch of St. Cuthbert (LN human female Cleric of St. Cuthbert L11; hp 64; Str 16, Wis 17; age 44). Forced her way into the Oligarchy in 586 CY, backed by the Nightwatchmen and many in Greyhawk Militia and City Watch; intolerant; handled with kid gloves by the “inner circle”; very aggressive and outspoken on issues of defense, especially against Empire of Iuz; constantly at odds with those Directors she thinks might be criminals or pacifists; the Director most disliked or hated by the rest of the Oligarchy (and thus the one most likely to be ousted in a future power play); now married/divorced five times.

Jerome Kasinskaia, Patriarch of Rao (LG human male Cleric of Rao L20; hp 63; Dex 16, Wis18, Cha 18; age 86 (50)). Says little in meetings but is extremely well informed on many political and religious matters of the Flanaess; superb judgment and always truthful; a masterful speaker, diplomat, and project leader, though he usually keeps to himself; close ally of Bigby of the Circle of Eight, knows everyone in the government of Veluna; considering retirement soon and may move to Mitrik in Veluna.

Dernan Nathane+, Guildmaster of the Union of Merchants and Traders (N male human Fighter L2/Rogue L9; hp 38; Str 15, Dex 16, Int 17, Cha 16; age 47). Very popular and brilliant businessman (and professional smuggler); outgoing and charming; a well-placed member of the Guild of Thieves; knows Greyhawk inside and out; secretly involved with Gerda Hollardel in affair and illegal operations.

Carmen Halmaster+, Representative of the Union of Merchants and Traders (N male human Rogue L8; hp 25; Int 17; Cha 15; age 57). Currently inactive member of the Guild of Thieves now deeply involved in cloth and clothing trade; crippled in assassination attempt several years ago; a genius at predicting changes in trade patterns, made a fortune speculating on risky trade ventures; fears evil cults.

Cariel Mansharn+, Representative of the Union of Merchants and Traders (LE male human Wizard L4/Fighter L6; hp 23; Int 16; age 39), Brought in after the death of Ren o’ the Star in 583 CY; selfish but bright; closely follows Dernan Nathane and Carmen Halmaster in voting; excellent troubleshooter on short-term projects but has a short, nasty temper.

Stimtrin Cannasay, Representative of the Union of Merchants and Traders (LN male dwarven Fighter L3; hp 19; Con 15, Int 16, Wis 6, Cha 6; age 155), Replaced Laup Cobrun in 589 CY, generally follows others in the union in voting, but does not speak except on specialized or technical trade issues; tends to obsess on topics and annoy others; respected for knowledge but ignored otherwise; generally harmless and doesn’t have much of a personal life outside of work.

Gerda Hollardel, Guildmaster of the Guild of Jewelers and Gemcutters (CN female human Rogue L3; hp 11; Int 17, Cha 16; age 32). Replaced retiring father, Bodmi Hollardel, in 589 CY; secretly involved with Dernan Nathane in affair and illegal operations; brilliant and strong-willed, but gives cause for concern among some Directors for hex inexperience, unreliability, and questionable judgment.

Sir Anton Palmirian, Guildmaster of the Guild of Lawyers, Scribes, and Accountants (LE male human Commoner L0; hp 2; Int 18; age 70). Seems pleasant but is a cold, calculating, ruthless individual with enormous political power and complete knowledge of Greyhawk’s laws and court system; in failing health; divorced twice and ; now single; vengeful and a borderline sociopath; extremely dangerous to cross.

Glodreddi Bakkanin+, Inspector of Taxes, Greyhawk Revenue Service (LE dwarven male Rogue L10; hp 44; Dex 18, Con 15, Int 16, Wis 17, Cha 5; age unknown but over 100 (old)). A financial genius and cold-hearted schemer who constantly looks for new ways to bilk the public out of money to fill Greyhawk’s treasury; vengeful and long of memory; grossly corrupt and wicked even by Greyhawk’s low standards; past history and personal life are unknown; feared and avoided by nearly everyone; extremely dangerous to cross.

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Directing Oligarchy of Greyhawk

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