Delaquenn rules western Horned Lands between the Veng River and the eastern shore of Whyestil Lake, sharing a border with Furyondy along the Veng River. Many nonhuman survivors of the Great Northern Crusade live here and passionately hate Furyondy, desiring to invade it again as soon as possible. The ruler is known to be an old vampire from Aerdy named Maskaleyne, a puissant wizard once of House Naelax.

This town serves as a landing-point for vessels crossing the Whyestil, mostly dispatching troops to the Horned Lands and beyond to the Bandit Lands, often via Molag itself. Delaquenn is also a fishing town, with many human fishermen who prize their freshwater mussels and unique local delicacy, the Stinking Clam. It is a local test of manhood to be able to keep down more than one of these foot-wide, reeking, but very nutritious shellfish. Delaquenn’s 2,500 humans and 2,000 humanoids, many of which are kazgund orcs who are jealous of the fishing here, do not get on well. Brawling and even killings are daily events.

Delaquenn has a handful of shipwrights who are kept busy repairing the damage the enthusiastic but not over-careful kazgund inflict on their vessels. It is also noteworthy that a surviving priest of Nerull, Caliguri the Old (NE male human Priest of Nerull L9) appears to ally himself with the Iuz priesthood, claiming no clash of interest. He has been spared because of his large undead retinue which is wholly resistant to being commanded by other evil priests. Caliguri keeps to himself and Harlennen (CE male human Priest of Iuz L8) has decided to let matters lie, since having the priest slain might incur casualties which one of his seniors might notice.

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