Dagger Rock

Trusting skyward, the deformed pinnacle of cracked granite known as Dagger Rock dominates the land for miles around Travelers have used the landmark as a way marker for centuries. The pinnacle itself stands at the center of a shattered landscape. A great expanse of broken and shattered rocks litters the structure’s base, making footing treacherous and travel by mount impossible. Thus, while travelers and explorers alike know of and have seen Dagger Rock from a distance, relatively few have actually approached the formation.

The ancient Suel, although they did not linger here long, used this place for a time as a refuge from their Flan assailants, calling it Kuranot. The brave individuals who since approached report the crumbling remains of a cliff-top fortress carved into the outcrop’s zenith. Most assume that the Suel cut or discovered passages within the rock that ultimately lead to its summit, but the secret entrances to such thoroughfares are now long forgotten.

A blue dragon named Voltarmarun laired here in recent decades until slain by an incensed Robilar in 590 CY. the fate of Voltarmarun’s hoard remains mysterious; since word of the warrior’s brave exploits reached civilized lands, several small groups of adventurers have slipped into the desert via the Knife Edge Pass, seeking the treasure. Their ultimate fates likewise remain unknown.

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Dagger Rock

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