Before the wars, Crockport was formerly the provincial capital of Furyondy’s northern Barony of Kalinstren and was a prosperous town of 9,000 souls. It had both a naval harbor and a fishing harbor, which is shallow, since Rockegg Isle is not far from the shoreline and it is sometimes possible to wade across to it during the autumn when the level of water in the Whyestil is low.

It was not until the conclusion of the Great Northern Crusade that it was restored to the light. In 588 CY, the Battle of Grabford provided Furyondy with a crucial victory that allowed it to encircle Crockport, the base of Iuz’s operations in the occupied lands. When the city finally fell, it was the site of uncontrolled chaos and slaughter of the occupying forces. Many fell victim to emotion in its recapture, and few good men remember the event with any degree of pride.

Today, Crockport is in ruins. The city suffered tremendous losses during the war, and even more when it was retaken. True to the character of Furyondy, the common folk refuse to surrender and have begun anew, gradually rebuilding the city. Now, only a few simple buildings are habitable including a small garrison of troops, an inn, and a small marketplace. There are rumors floating around that King Belvor has secretly visited the once-great city, and that he has grand new plans for reconstructing Crockport… perhaps even planning on another military offensive to be launched from the city.

The nearby island of Rockegg is a dangerous place. It seems that several vile things took residence there during Iuz’s reign, and there has yet to be any real effort made to clear it of them. During the last low autumn tide, one of the creatures, a mad owlbear, even made its way across to the shore. Anyone willing to clear the island may earn a few sheafs, as well as some reputation within the region.

Barony of Kalinstren
The Furyondian Borderlands


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