County of Serumaran

The County of Serumaram stretches from Prymp down into the Ahzdunt Valley. The Landgraf Ivan Darmen was awarded the environs of Prymp after the siege of that city in 581 CY. Ivan had a reputation for handling problems, and was assigned the region in order to deal with separatists from Prymp who were sabotaging supply lines to the war front in Idee. Ivan worked closely with the council of Prymp to put down the insurgents, and has been rewarded generously since. He is a ruthlessly aggressive leader, and it is even rumored that assassins work for him. Alexander Petrok is an ambitious neighbor who often noses into Ivan’s business, especially regarding Prymp, where Alexander lived for most of his life.

Settlements and Locations within the County of Serumaran:

In Serumaram County, Graf Rolos Terinislov has held the northern mouth of the Ahzdunt Valley for 18 years. Rolos was once a vicarius (lt. general) in the army assigned to take Idee, and was something of a superhero amongst the soldiers. In 572 CY, one of the first times the Iron Hills dwarves had brought their dragon to bear in combat, Rolos had almost singlehandedly fended it off so that his contingent could retreat without being wiped out. Now that political alliances have shifted, and the valley is no longer the military encampment it once was Rolos finds that he drearily misses the old days.

Meanwhile, Graf Ivan Petkov has the distinction of having the emptiest holding of any graf in the Principality. Centered in the village of Ayidivor, his fief sits on the south end of the Ahlissan Plateau, and looks down on and includes part of the Tamary River in a valley below to the south. The terrain is rocky, with little grass, and broken spots of fertile ground. Ivan sees his promotion to graf eight years ago as banishment from the court at Zelradton, and bitterly rules the village and hamlets under him. The shire has always been supported by its nearly‐played out marble quarry, now doubling as a mere stone quarry.

Principality of Ahlissa

County of Serumaran

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