Coinage of the Great Kingdom

All lands of Aerdy use the standard conversion rate for coinage of different kinds. However, different provinces mint their own, slightly varying, coins.

The imperial currency minted in Rauxes is still accepted throughout Aerdy, in as much as any coinage is. The coins used are:

  • Platinum Orb: a rectangular, flat disc with the image of the Orb of Rax on both sides.
  • Gold Ivid: a circular coin with a milled edge, bearing the face of Ivid V on one side and the staff, orb and crown of the overking on the reverse.
  • Electrum Noble, Silver Penny, Copper Common: these are all circular coins without milled edges, bearing the heraldic symbol of the Great Kingdom on one side and that of the House of Naelax on the other.

The same coins are used in South Province, but the design differences are that the Platinum Orb has the symbol of the Great Kingdom on one side; the Gold Ivid has that symbol instead of that of the regalia of the overking; and the other coins have the boar’s-head symbol of South Province rather than that of the House of Naelax. In North Province, coins are the same as in South Province, save that the draconic shield symbol of that province replaces that of South Province on coins.

Old Medegian coins show the face of the Censor of Medegia on one side and the shield designs of Medegia and the Great Kingdom on the reverse. Here, the gold coin was known stubbornly as a “Gold Crown” and not a Gold Ivid as elsewhere.

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Powers and Factions of the Great Kingdom

Coinage of the Great Kingdom

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