City Watch of Greyhawk

The military forces in Greyhawk do not act within the city except in the case of a major public disturbance or external assault; maintenance of law and order is done by the City Watch, of who the Guild of Nightwatchment is an important part. The City Watch has as its headquarters the Grand Citadel, but there are also Watch Houses in all quarters of the city except for the Slum Quarter. The supreme command of the Watch is in the hands of the Captain-General of the Watch, Sental Nurev, and his second in command, Derider Fanshen.

Greyhawk’s City Watch divides itself into three 8-hour shifts. Members of the Watch are expected to patrol their assigned neighborhoods for at least four hours a day, with the balance of the time spent working on unsolved cases, seeing to administrative responsibilities, assisting with guard duty at high-profile events, assisting with prisoner transfers to work sites, or watching over the captives in the Citadel prison.

The City Watch uniform is a pair of finely crafted black leather trousers and a sleeveless tunic of red cloth emblazoned with a stylized star on its front and back.


City Watch of Greyhawk

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