The Silent, The Watcher
Lesser Power of the Concordant Domain of the Outlands

Symbol: An unblinking draconic eye
Home Plane: Outlands (Mausoleum of Chronepsis)
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Fate, death, judgment
Superior: none
Alias: none
Core Worshipers: Dragons
Worshipers: Dragons, those who would observe
Cleric Alignments: N
Domains: Destiny* (RoD), Dragon* (Dr), Knowledge, Repose* (Ss).
Favored Weapon: +1 ghost touch scythe or claw

Description: Chronepsis is neutral – silent, unconcerned, and dispassionate. He is the draconic deity of fate, death, and judgment. His form is colorless and without luster, marking him as an outsider to the struggles between the chromatic and metallic dragons.

Dogma: Chronepsis is a passionless observer of the world. He passes judgment on all dragons when they die, deciding where in the afterlife their souls should go. Chronepsis is uninterested in justice; he merely observes what is and is not. He is also singularly uninvolved in the activities of the living, and strives to remain so. It is said that only a cataclysm of world-shaking proportions would rouse Chronepsis from disinterest.

Clergy: Chronepsis has very few active worshippers and even fewer clerics, since most dragons don’t possess the balanced outlook to avoid interfering in the events they observe. The followers of Chronepsis count other faiths neither as allies nor enemies. Of the other deities, only Boccob the Uncaring shares a similar outlook, but neither deity cares enough to forge an alliance.

Quests: A worshiper of Chronepsis might be tasked with retrieving the remains of a dead dragonblood so they can be interred in a temple. It is also not unusual for a follower to be sent to attend and protect a dying dragon.

Prayers: Worshipers of Chronepsis do not pray in any traditional sense. They know that either petitions for aid or praises of their god’s glory will go unanswered and unheeded. Prayer is not necessary, since Chronepsis is not swayed by words. Instead, worshipers often meditate upon the cyclical nature of life and death. A common saying, though none would call it a true prayer, is “We begin to die the day we are born.”

Temples: Temples to Chronepsis are usually mausoleums, places for the dead that the living can visit. They feature dozens or hundreds of large hourglasses that symbolize the trickling away of the life spans of dragons. No matter whether a creature was good, evil, chaotic, lawful, or neutral in life—in death, all creatures’ remains are welcome to rest in Chronepsis’s care.

Rites: A small ritual part of daily life for worshipers of Chronepsis is to possess and turn over an hourglass at least once a day to remind them of their own lives trickling away. Often, before a follower goes to sleep, she turns over an hourglass and then spends a moment or two contemplating the “empty” glass when she wakes.

Herald and Allies: Chronepsis’s herald is a neutral wyrm black dragon (one of a rare breed). His allies include neutral dragons, halfdragons, and draconic creatures of all sorts. Chronepsis generally does not interfere in events, so his envoys are extraordinarily rare. If you are using Draconomicon, his herald is a 3rd-level storm drake cleric. His allies include battle dragons and all manner of landwyrms.

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