Chendl was a planned city, a capital built to specifications, intended to replace Dyvers as first city of the kingdom. It was strongly walled with beautiful buildings. Canals crossed the city, along which gondola-like vessels languidly conveyed peacock nobility. It boasted hanging gardens, broad boulevards and a wondrous palace. Chendl has a claim to be the most delightful city in all the Flanaess.

Unfortunately, after months of siege during the war, Chendl is a different place now. Over half of the buildings suffered severe damage during the wars, and ruins and rubble still strew areas of the city deemed “non-essential”.

King Belvor has made a point of restoring little of his own palace, only rebuilding defenses and chambers necessary for offices of state. The home of artisans, barracks, temples and government buildings have had priority and are largely restored now. Likewise, rebuilding the walls was deemed an absolute priority and priests of Trithereon and Mayaheine have cooperated in incorporating warding spells into them. Magical mortars have been employed, creating effects of protection from evil in key areas of defense. Other dwellings have taken second place, unless the inhabitants have been rich enough to import their own labor to rebuild them. Of course, crafty Belvor has passed a law that any such imported labor must be made available for civic rebuilding two days in each week. at the builder‘s own expense.

In total, Chendl has a garrison strength of 850 men including the Kings own forces and some soldiers of Kalinstren. Wearing armor and weaponry about the city, once a crime, is now commonplace.

Chendl has a unique atmosphere. Contrasting with the teeming soldiers, artisans and laborers is a rich social life on the part of the surviving aristocracy. They make a point of not allowing anything as trivial as war, siege, starvation and the subsequent virtual military occupation to affect their social lives. Chendl is still a place to wine and dine, to hear opera, to sniff the scented gardens, and to gamble at the casinos and gaming houses. There are hideously expensive restaurants and overpriced taverns aplenty in Chendl.

There is still grandeur in Chendl. The continual light lanterns along the boulevards still shine brightly, there are no slums or even recognizable “poor folks” housing. There is, admittedly, a shanty town of some 3,000 souls fled from northern Kalinstren huddled around Chendl’s walls, but Chendl’s occupants are proud people. War has given them steel and endurance.

Chendl’s rigidly structured social mores are also still in force. The representatives at the Noble Council and “old blood” nobility are top of the pile, lesser nobles and knights second, skilled artisans and the very richest merchants third, other artisans and merchants next, and everyone else last. There are no poor people here, at least as far as social niceties are concerned.

Chendl has a seamier side, but not a very large one. The Thieves’ Guild here is all but extinct given the vast numbers of militia and other soldiers. Only the most daring of rogues remain in this city.

Power in Chendl
Much of the political life of Furyondy as a whole is focused in the capital city. In addition to characters and organizations such as the Noble Council and Knightly Conclave.

Military: Belvor has two trusted war veterans, Generals Gallantren (LG male human Fighter L7/Knight L7) and Bemedior (LG male human Fighter L7/Warmaster L7), stationed within his own palace. A young and upcoming man, General Yemanien (LG male human Fighter L7/Warmastter L5), completes the triumvirate. His role is as a logistics expert, and he and his small staff set about the task of collecting information on supplies, predictions for the harvest, computing army strengths and rounding up reserve militias with real vigor. Belvor has wisely mixed in young blood with his veterans. All are technically subservient to Baron Jemian, the Grand Marshal of all Furyondy’s armies, but Jemian spends less than half of his time in Chendl and it is easy enough for Belvor and his generals to conceal information from him if they deem this appropriate. The generals have day-to-day command of all forces in the capital, from the King’s Household Regiment to seconded Furyondian troops from elsewhere, Velunese troops and mercenaries are controlled through a relatively long chain of command which would be a weakness if swift response were required.

Priesthoods: Heironeous is the major faith of most soldiers and civilians in Chendl. His temples were the first repaired and the King has a temple within his own palace. His High Priest, Garaeth Heldenmaster, is a major ally of the king. St. Cuthbert’s temples are small, but are well attended by laborers, artisans and others outside of the noble class. Overseer Redankin Desman is a formidable man. He pointedly refuses to decorate the temples in any but an absolutely spartan fashion. Belvor likes him. He is blunt, but he supports the Kings policies. Other dominant priesthoods and major temples located in Chendl are those of Rao (approved of by Belvor), Trithereon (not approved of by Belvor), and Delleb, the Oeridian lesser god of learning and intellect Priests of Delleb generally defer to those of Rao, tending to specialize in unusual areas of sage proficiency. Other temples are smaller, and some are still somewhat damaged from the siege.

Government: Belvor‘s “civil servants” are a strong presence in the capital. Many scribes and servitors look after taxation, the King’s coffers, mapping, collecting reports of events in the land, administering the mail, interviewing mercenaries hoping for Furyondian coin, and much besides. This is an important change from pre-war Chendl, where the pace of work was much slower. The buzz of activity around this city, has brought a swathe of administrators in its wake.

Notable Locations in Chendl
College of War: Set upon a large hill overlooking the city the white buildings of the Furyondian College of War appear to be more of an estate than a military complex. However, the observant will notice the riding fields, siege engines, and other signs of war craft built for the students. The College of War was founded in 489 CY and has provided many of the highly skilled military commanders of Furyondy since. The top graduates of the college are known as Warmasters.

Heroes’ Rest Inn: Comparable to the King’s Arms inn in terms of both quality and price, the Heroes’ Rest attracts a slightly less urbane traveler that the Arms. Prices at the Rest are triple the normal rate, but considered “not bad” for Chendl.

King’s Arms Tavern: The King’s Arms is a good place for wealthier, more seasoned adventurers to stay the night. The Arms has a large common room available, as well as several private dinner rooms. Prices at the King’s Arms are triple the normal rate, but considered “not bad” for Chendl.

Sutter’s: Sutter’s is an exclusive restaurant that it, for all intents and purposes, a “by invitation only” establishment for anyone without a title or a rich reputation. Sutter’s also has a gaming house and a few sleeping chambers, but the latter are permanently booked by Belvor for the entourages of important visitors.

The Weatherhaven Inn: Located very near the garrison barracks, and part of the area that services them, the Weatherhaven Inn is a popular hangout for warriors and military men. Prices here are double the normal rate for anyone displaying military rank, and three times the price for anyone else.

The Wyrm: The Wyrm is the best inn in Chendl, and probably in all of Furyondy. The rooms here are comfortable, the décor fashionable, the food savory. The prices reflect this, commonly four times the normal rate.

Raniandurn’s is a strange, oddball shop named after its proprietor, an aged Ekbiri exile who seems able to drum up any kind of herb, unguent, or suchlike at will. If a customer desires sulfur, holy water, quicksilver or orcbane from Pantarn, Ranjandum has some – for the right price. The Weatherhaven Inn has become the place to meet powerful warriors. War veterans, middling officers from the King’s Household Regiment, and the like mingle here.

The Rusty Pommel the most affordable inn in Chendl. Run by a gruff dwarf named Mundo Steelslinger (male dwarf Fighter L3), the Pommel is the closest thing in the city to the typical tavern frequented by adventurers.

Once, any foreigner entering Chendl needed an official permit to do so, and the formal status of “Citizen” was only granted after many years, wen generations, of residence. Times have changed. A warrior with a strong arm and good sword, a mage who can contribute to defense. a priest with healing, warding, or any similar spell access are all eagerly wanted now.

Fairwain Province
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