The Lucky Ghost

Symbol: A burning bootprint
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Keen Senses and Narrow Escapes
Core Worshipers: Halflings
Domains: Luck, Protection.
Favored Weapon: First Warning (+1 light mace)

Description: Charmalaine (TCHAR-mah-lain) is a young halfling goddess concerned with awareness of her environment and the ability to react to its hazards. Sponsored by Fharlanghn and Brandobaris (halfling god of adventurers and thieving), she is an energetic and spontaneous person, unafraid of danger, for she expects to be able to detect it when it approaches and evade it before it brings her harm. The holy text of her faith reads like an adventurer’s diary, detailing her escapes from an army of sahuagin, a newly-released demoness, hundreds of magical traps, and even the lair of an ancient red dragon. Charmalaine is depicted as a young halfling with bright eyes, black oiled leather armor, and muddy boots. She carries the light mace First Warning and is usually accompanied by her ferret familiar, Xaphan. Her holy symbol is a burning bootprint. She is called the Lucky Ghost because of her ability to send her spirit out of her body to scout ahead safely, and is said to warn halfling adventurers of impending danger while in her incorporeal form.

“Be attuned to your surroundings at all times, for the one who is off-guard is the one who gets caught. Hone your reflexes until your body reacts before your mind has time to make you pause, for a moment’s hesitation can cost you your life. Be quick on your feet, and don’t get weighed down with too many material things, as they make you slow. Enjoy the ability to explore, and revel in the times you are safe, for soon enough you’re going to put yourself in danger in the hopes of getting the big catch.”

Charmalaine’s clerics are almost always adventurers, but some find work in other risky professions such as monster-catching, military scouting, and guarding public officials. Her adventuring clerics are thrill-seekers, for the danger and the rewards it brings. Some join specific quests to experience new things and have interesting tales to tell.

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